Fourtune Favours the Brave

Wrong Alba? Ah nobody is complaining

A lot happened whilst I was away, and I am not entirely up to speed with it all. But I can see that there is still all to play for. Well except for City who are overpaying for all their players it seems. Nothing new there then.

Major movement in the transfer window was for the purchase of defenders by certain teams. Its seems they wanted to fill up spots before the major battle for the remaining big names gets rolling. But roll it will and the deadline is on Saturday so get your bids in for these big guys.


Available for purchase from the top 20 defenders includes 36M Pigue and goes all the way to 20M Boateng via Chiellini, Hummels, Marcelo, Jessica Alba, Vertonghen, Ivanovic, Nastasic & Bonucci. More importantly, you have all let me down and Kolarov is not up for selection. All summer you go on and on about how he is going to get a lucrative transfer to foreign shores, yet when the going gets tough you chicken out of purchasing him in this game.

If you have a partner, then I suggest you steer clear of John Terry. He may well be a stalwart of the English defence, but he is a stalwart of his teammates partners too. That said it may well be a step you are willing to take for the good of the team. You must ask yourself, how far are you willing to go to win this competition? A toe in vinegar? Or all out with a tub of baked beans? Worse still a day with Forca?

Valour Awards

I am under the impression that there have been no valour awards for the last bidding round. Firstly, congratulations Spurs and Villa for your big purchases. However, my favourite pick of the week is this; With a squad of Koval, Stegen, Piszczek and Busquets, Palace decided to capture the signing they really needed. I expect Robin Van Persie to line up in the 2-2-0-0-1 formation and still grab a couple of goals every game. For just 12 tokens they have got themselves a ready made hitman to finish off the one cross from Piszczek a game. And for me thats true valour.

Now the transfer window was exciting, but you have to feel for Jeremy Menez. A squad player who never really grabs a headline was sent off round the country of a less impressive roadtrip than the Route 66. Starting of a Stoke was probably a bad start, I’ve never been there but cannot imagine its a nice place. Long haul to Chelsea for a quick dip in the Thames before another monster journey back up to Newcastle. Chelsea can have the valour award for subjecting this poor man to such misery, at least the Toon army should be a very welcoming bunch for hom.

Mourinho Rumour Mill

Slim pickings this week in the Jose Mourinho rumour mill. If you want to get some fancy words onto the ticker then drop them onto the spreadsheet. 😀

It has to be said Fulham are doing very well in this game, but as its only week 6 this following ticker message might be a little overboard. Clearly trying to spook every with utter complacency;

Fulham owner PeppieandFelix claims they are one good signing away from wrapping up the title. He said “We might even purchase a few U21 players in our team to give other clubs a chance”

Certain posters have a whole persona and history on ffs, so its nice to see it spread all the way to the TWS.

Forca Inter proclaims Gonzolo Higuain to be the “best finisher on the planet”, after Southampton signed the former Real Madrid striker

As a gooner I agree with this statement. And after his big move to north london his transfermarkt price hike should win the game for Southampton.

Dont forget, HappyHour is at 10pm GMT on Saturday

Happy Transferring. from an exhausted Ginkapo, sorry about the quality of this 😀

PS – Remember to bookmark the new TWS website link


2 thoughts on “Fourtune Favours the Brave

  1. Yayyyy! Monkey returns.

    And now if we want to keep him safe, someone please buy Kolarov in Round 8. Or else…. 😉

  2. I came into the site after a long time, and by jove that picture took me by surprise. Pleasant surprise, nonetheless.

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