Keep on Moving – That was Five

Considered subjecting you to a full page shot of Scott or Ritchie but I resisted much to Chu’s displeasure I imagine.
Firstly a message from ENR:
Remember to check out the addition of few useful links in the Timeline page. Upon request we now present to you the player breakdown by clubs. Also something that will be useful in identifying targets for the future rounds is the targets roster, updated at the end of each round. Thank you Chelsea, we like it when clubs are sharing and caring.
 Taking a quick moment to look at how the game is going overall in the race for ultimate glory or simply to save face and beat West Ham. The good news for everyone except Man City, is that Sunderland aka Totalfpl are second last. With very similiar ROI’s across the board everyone is still in with a shot at the title despite what Peppie may say, and as Spurs and Villa showed last round there are still bargains to be had in this game.
Back to round 5 now. The most common bid appears to be permanently stuck at 2 tokens now, although the average bid amount was 6.42 tokens. (Down from 20.21 in round 4). Rakitsky and Jesus were the notable bargains of the round for Spurs and Villa respectively.
Looking forward, Villa have all 3 strikers already, and this is the last round for them to release one before Round 7, could we see Messi on the market next round?


Yaya made the list this week as Stoke released him earlier. As per usual there is a good selection on offer, and everything to bid for.
The biggest name missing is one 22Mill John Obi Mikel. A former favourite of Mourinho who has dwindled in recent seasons. However, at 26 his prime is surely still ahead of him and expected to be sold a price hike could be on the horizon. Specifically linked to Monaco and a Galatasaray a massive transfer fee could be on the horizon if the Special One decides to sort something out. Interestingly this deep lying mid has shined at the Confed Cup with an actual goal. Who could have seen that one coming?

Valor Award

Could give it to Villa for capturing the holy Jesus for a single token, or Norwich for their impressive price rise of 15M on the Marquis of Tiperary. However, no one is receiving the award this week in punishment for the lack of Kolarov. Take some time to think carefully about what you have done.

Jose Mourinho Rumour Mill

The best of this weeks ticker requests as posted on the spreadsheet, hope to see some more quality entries next week!
A nice one here from last week in hindsight;
With 17 defenders from the top 50 available for bidding this week, Spurs Non-Executive Director Mr Blue gave an exclusive interview – “Clubs would be fools to think we’re out of contention for the title. That is all”
They did secure Ratisky for a bargain last round, but Spurs are still woefully bad at this game. I enjoy this as a gooner.
A brutal piece of sledging here against the TWS underdogs, but give them their due West Ham are doing alright under Eboue and Doos.
West ham owner Eboue apologies to all three west ham fans after failing to secure a defender in the last round of bidding.
Fed up with Peppie? Well join your nearest PeppieSupport group where you are. Or alternatively support Epic Fail’s Missus in any way you can:
Epic Fail’s Missus has been placed in charge of a new Norwich City capital campaign. She has been assigned to scour the greater Norwich to raise funds to buy Peppieandflix a computer model that actually works.
I have no idea what is going on here, but it amused me:
Norwich owner Shadow gives a “pep” talk. You can do this, but to be more accurate, you probably can’t. You’re way out of first and your lineup is kind of puny. So, remember, it’s not about being in front. It’s about believing you can do it, even though you probably can’t. Go get ’em, tiger!
Thats it folks, just remember:

TWS Happy Hour @ Sat 10pm

Take part in the Prediction Contest, and challenge Isacki for the bumper prize. BonZ and PotatoAce took Jessica Alba home this week with 2 TWS pints each.
Thats goodnight from him, and goodnight from Kolarov.

3 thoughts on “Keep on Moving – That was Five

  1. No Kolarov – no prizes!!

  2. Everton hasn’t got a mention ever in any of Gink’s articles. We’ll see to it that it doesn’t happen when you are write a recap of the TWS game at the end, and name the winners. 😉

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