Return of the Leagues!

The FFS Council is proud to announce that we will be bringing back the leagues for their third installment. If you want to skip the article, and go the registration form, click here -:  League Registration Form or else read on.

Brace Yourselves, Season 3 is Coming

For those of you that participated last year, we will be running the leagues pretty much the same way, though the exact details of how European (CL and Europa) qualification will work will be announced at a later point. Please continue reading below for important details about registration and the team allocation process.

For those of you less familiar with the leagues, here is a general idea:

  • We will hold 6 leagues  – Bundesliga (18 teams + 2 relegated teams have been added), EPL, Serie A, La Liga, Ligue 1, Rest of Europe – in which each participant will compete as a real life team.
  • All of the leagues will following a Head to Head format. With the exception of the Bundesliga (because ours has 20 teams not 18 like in real life) and the Rest of Europe League (not a real league) the fixtures will try to mimic the actual fixtures of each league, though this may not always be the case. Please check the fixtures tab under your league for the official fixtures list. If you feel there is a mistake or error in the fixtures, please contact Pratik or another council member.
  • The season will last for 19 gameweeks at which point the bottom 3 managers from each league will be “relegated” and replaced with new managers for the new season which will kick off from gw 20.
  • A high rank in your league could result in qualification for our prestigious Champions League or Europa League. Similarly a high ranking in the leagues next season, will lead to direct qualification in the limited edition tournament that The Council would host for World Cup 2014. I sense you are excited already!!!
  • Click here to read the league rules. Please note that the portion on European Qualification is not correct to pin-point accuracy, but it nevertheless gives you a general idea of how it will work.


Registrations will be open immediately. If you wish to be considered for a spot in the leagues, please fill out the form before the deadline. Filling out the form earlier will give you no advantage in the selection process as all applicants will be considered equally judged on the following criteria.

Criteria for Team Selection:  

1) Contribution to past FFS UEFA events and positive participation in past FFS UEFA events

2) popularity/reputation of managers on the forum

3) expected contribution to the atmosphere of the leagues (banter, pressers, league reviews, etc.)

4) highest fpl rank of manager (within last 5 seasons)

Each of these criteria will be judged objectively by the organizing committee and the ultimate decision rests with them. The 6 organizers are allowed entry by default.


July 28: Applications Open
August 9: Applications Close
August 11: Accepted managers announced team allocation begins
August  13 (or earlier if possible): team allocation completed
August 15:  Team Swap Deadline
August 17: Round 1 of matches begin

Team Allocation Process: 

We will do our best to give each accepted manager a league and/or team of their choice but we cannot make any guarantees as certain leagues and teams can be in very high demand. We apologize if you are not initially happy with your team allocation but we hope that you will embrace your new team and be glad to even be able to participate in the leagues. There will also be a short period where you can swap teams with other accepted managers if you so chose.

Please note that for the Rest of Europe League (ROE) there is an option for ‘Other’ which will allow you to select a team not listed provided they are a European Club team that isn’t in England, Spain, Germany, Italy, or France.

With the leagues beginning soon, we hope the delightful pressers start flying in left, right and center, which always make for a great read. Also, you must have been blind not to notice that the site is undergoing a design revamp as Pratik has some free time on his hands.  Of course, WordPress literally makes these things as easy as a click of a button.

With the reintroduction of the leagues, the live scores and tables will be back for each individual league. We’ll not only be moving away to more elegant site with better user experience for the live score sites, but Pratik remains quietly confident that we will be able to make refreshing for live scores a much smoother process.

So what are you waiting for? Let the registration begin!!! 

*Please not that past winners of the different leagues, the CL, and Europa will have first preference if they wish to retain their team

******* The FFS Council reserves the right to modify rules as per it’s convenience and ease. We tend to use this quite a lot 😉 *******
P.S. – Would you quickly mind filling this poll?

32 thoughts on “Return of the Leagues!

  1. Let’s do it! Have been waiting for this! 🙂

  2. Hi, can you check my registration was submitted please?

  3. Please double check my reg as well… Doing it from my phone and it might have gone wrong 🙂

  4. hi…can you check mine too, i made about 1 hour before the announcement in FFS, and leave two spots with bundesliga

  5. I’m up for a third season, Chievo would be nothing without Pepe 🙂 although my choice as my other club for the ROE league is tempting

  6. Could someone confirm my submission? Sending this from the airport so not sure

    Also, this is my e-mail. I think i missed it

  7. First time on here since the site was done up. Lookin’ very snazzy 🙂 I’m back with a vengeance this year 😛

    • well the theme was only changed a few hours before this article was posted so it’s new for just about everybody :D.

      glad you like the change. we thought it was time for something fresh

      good luck trout!

  8. Was waiting for this for a long time. I’ve heard so much about this. My first time. Hope I get selected. 🙂

    • Now don’t over-hype it 🙂

      • Really…I’ve been waiting for this a long time!!!
        I am having great fun playing the TWS and being the manager and interim owner of Aston Villa and am sure if chosen this would surely be a great experience for me!!! till now have played H2H with my locality friends only.It would be an awesome challenge to face regulars of the community. Choose me 😛

  9. Although I was contributing less last season, I was waiting for the registrations to open. Such was the intensity and the fun in the leagues.

  10. Can someone confirm my submission? There is some sort of internet connection problem persisting here for the last few hours.

  11. Zep (Pep) Guardiola back at Bayern?

    This stuff writes itself… 😀

  12. Hi guys
    I’m not going to enter this season. Although I still follow FFS daily I realise my contributions to the site have been negligible recently and probably will be for the next month or so.
    I’m sure you will be over-subscribed with all the newbies on FFS, so you wont have any problem filling places.
    I will still continue to follow the progress though,especially ROE.
    Good luck all 🙂

    • You can still enter if you want…..Only if you are sure if you won’t have any time at all, then don’t bother.

      I still remember Menly and you fondly from the Euros, you were a great team (*cough* couple *cough*)

  13. Really sorry for the trouble but can someone confirm my registration as well. Sent it from my phone so not sure it went through. Also, can someone tell me why that question was included asking if you had participated in season 2 (GW 20-38) last year? I did participate in season 2 last year FWIW. Thanks, guys. 🙂

  14. Please check if my application has been submitted.

  15. Could anyone comment on my chances on qualifying for the leagues?

    I’m more than aware of my reputation and the lack of history, but if picked, i believe i can contribute as i plan on adopting a more positive and regular style of posting.

  16. can any of the council members confirm my registration? my first time and hoping to get my favourite team. 😀

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