Transfer Window # 2 Forum

This is it.

Right then, we’ve reached the business end of TWS. Let’s get straight to the point, shall we.

Transfer Window # 2 is set to open in less than 24 hours. By now, you’re aware how the transfer window works. You know about all the possible wheeling and dealing that can be expected. If not, check this article out

Confirmation of the Deal

How you make a deal work is completely up to you. The confirmation step is what is essential for every deal. The deadline for confirming a deal is the usual Saturday deadline of 2359 HRS BST. 

Once the deal is finalized, one of the two owners could email me whilst keeping the other owner in the loop. Once the confirmation has been done, no changes are allowed.

We shall acknowledge the deal and update the Simulator accordingly.

If you want to leave a general message for other clubs, feel free to use this forum to advertise your players/needs or get them on the ticker.

It’s showtime folks. So make it happen for your club! Good luck.

Useful Links

Contact details of the owners (all owners have access to this)

TWS Chatango

Player Breakdown by club

Transfer Window # 1 Forum


10 thoughts on “Transfer Window # 2 Forum

  1. Carrow Road, Norwich City, Norfolk

    Norwich City is pleased to announce the signing of Cristiano Ronaldo.
    Ronaldo began the press conference, by stepping up to the microphone and stating, “It’s an honour to sign for Norwich City. I am looking forward to following in the footsteps of so many great strikers, like Grant Holt and . . . umm, help me out here guys, name another one.”

    Ronaldo went on to explain that he chose Carrow Road over other reported destinations, because he has never truly been comfortable with big cities, getting constant media attention, or “playing for clubs with any, you know, history of success.” Ronaldo looks forward to donning the green and gold and playing with his new teammates, though he can’t remember the name a single stinking one of them, even those he previously played against and destroyed. “I’m looking forward to getting away from the prima donnas at Real, because I’ve always felt that no one player was bigger than the team.”

    Norwich stressed that the Ronaldo deal is contingent upon the striker passing a physical, which is scheduled to be conducted as soon as possible by Epic Fail’s Missus. “We didn’t even know Epic Fail’s Missus was a physician, but she was so adamant that she be the one to perform the physical we could hardly say no after all she has already given to the organization.”

    From The Shadow, on behalf of Norwich City FC

  2. Cardiff City and Stoke ended weeks of negotiations to strike a deal which both clubs were delighted with.

    Cardiff had battered away a lot of requests for Spanish number !, Iker Casillas, however the £30m rated keeper moves to Stoke along with Polish Striker Robert Lewendowski rated at £39m.

    Moving in the opposite direction, Cardiff City take Roberto Soldado, Mezut Ozil and Di Maria.

    Cardiff confirmed there was also an undisclosed amount as a sweetener provided to Stoke.

    Due to the late night contract sign off players were not available for comments.

  3. Geezers!

    What an epic transfer window it’s been so far. 6 great deals already and still 2 days to go….thank you for making it happen.

    Deadline Day Special

    Be there on Saturday with your team at the TWS Chatango to witness all the frenzy and excitement. You may be in for a few surprise deals that could define the game. I’m guessing we’ll also have more rumours from the TWS Reporter/s too….

    Happy Hour at 10pm….

    ……will go on as usual with lots of booze and the hottest bartenders. Join in as some nervous deals go through as we inch towards the deadline.

    The prediction contest this week will be a bonus special, with 2 Pints for every correct answer.

    If you want to post a presser or a reaction following a deal…..

    I understand the Chat may not suffice. Use this forum and we’ll link it up on the ticker. We have pressers from delighted Norwich and Cardiff owners already…..

    Geezers need excitement. Make it happen.

  4. The ‘Messi’ Story by HVT

    With all the current speculation over Lionel Messi I thought it was only right that people would hear Aston Villas version of events.

    I became aware that Lionel may become available back as far as last January so I sent a few of my scouts over to test the waters , Giggs Boson and MJ7987 kindly obliged – we flew them via Ryanair into Reus so no one would suspect it was here on arrival whilst looking for directions to Barcelona they met our now manager – Neil whom at this point was looking for direction in his career , the boys snapped him up and he’s gone from strength to strength.

    Initially on meeting Messi and his agent they were amazed at our interest it was at this point I decided to fly in myself as I felt I may clinch the deal. Before we go any further I must admit we did mislead the player somewhat, I didn’t distinguish between the fact that lionel thought he was joining his friend David ‘ Villa ‘ at Athletico Madrid and not Aston ‘ Villa ‘ in the midlands uk , I felt one Villa was as good as the next Villa , and anyways previous haggles in transfer windows told me to hold back a little.

    The deal was so far gone when Messi realised it was Aston Villa FC he was joining and not David Villa – he was understandably about to pull out ….

    But then the whole thing changed Messis Tax liabilities scandal was about to break and it seemed likely he would end up in prison on Tax avoidance charges .

    There was only one way out he had to leave the country quickly and the Villa deal was still on the table – it was rushed through at a cost of 65 tokens after some debate with my staff as to how much he was worth , I still recall ‘Neil’ saying we would make it back on t-shorts and cup sales !!!

    Heads turned in amazement when it was announced that Aston Villa had signed messi , Ginkapo penned a paragraph as to how Villa would be ‘bargain basement hunters’ from here and would consequently suffer as I write we are in 5th.

    Then reality hit , Messis first day of arrival was unbearable if I was being bluntly honest ,a bumpy plane ride , the midlands weather and then the media frenzy that followed , in particular he mentioned a guy called the ‘tws’ reporter – he made his life hell ‘ pesky Paparazzi ‘ he called him , then even worse SSN asked him was he looking forward to the midlands derby against my old foe ‘Torres Magic’ and his WBA team …..

    Luckily the rapturous reception he received at Villa Park seemed at this point to soften the blow. I told my scouts to tend to every need although MJ did refuse to hand wash his kit and cut and file his toe-nails.

    I even had ooh ahh Paul McGrath pay him a visit , unfortunately though he took him to the pub and showed him the dark side of the midlands , he rang me at 5am to bail him out , it was then he told me he couldn’t take it any more , he asked me was there a way out ? I could see the tear in his eye – I wiped it and told him ” Son everything’s gonna be alright ” I knew deep down it wasn’t.

    Relationships strained from here and even the evergreen GB failed to heighten Messis enthusiasm , I deeply pondered the situation but I now knew Bentekke had re signed so I wasn’t so anxious about goals in the team, but still I was and still am adamant that we would get him on the pitch.

    I have been approached by other Owners to slyly sell them Messi this week for a mere 1 token and then resign , and join them in their hour of glory – this is not the right way to win and I WILL not participate in this type of low-life tactic , if others behave this way so be it , but we at Aston Villa play with pride and dignity .

    Yes it’s true Messi is over at a big club – Liverpool ? In discussions but I tell you factually Messi does not have our permission to talk to them or any club . He is not for sale we have built a team around him – we are in the process of future proofing ourselves against relagation and building towards Premier lrague and Champions league glory.
    Messi has shown disrespect towards the club and the fans and he will be disciplined , it is true he’s currently training on his own (tho my scouts are kicking about with him !) but come our opener away to Arsenal quickly followed by our trip to Stamford Bridge to play Chelsea in a crucial Dgw Lionel Messi will be wearing the no 9 claret and blue jersey , I’ve already assured Epic Fails Missus of this and now I tell the rest of you….

    – HVT, Owner, Aston Villa FC


    Eboue strides into the press box and perches on the seat which has previously held legends such as Sam Allardyce and Kevin Nolan. A big smile carves open his face and he radiates confidence. He fires back the early questions like a tennis rally between federer and the no94 seed at Wimbledon. We’ll go with the ageing Mardy Fish. No one can stop him as he breaks into a dance as he describes the recent capture of Neymar. This is a man in control and loving every minute of it.

    INTERVIEWER: how do you think the transfer window is going so far?

    EBOUE: stupid question, superbly obviously. We’re shooting up the leaderboard like our real life counterparts …. What do you mean the premier league hasn’t yet started? If I say it has it has…

    2ND INTERVIEWER: which team has been toughest to secure a signing from?

    EBOUE: arsenal definitely. They just won’t dip into their purse, despite probably having a decent bit of money. We’ve been negotiating but for some reason wenger won’t buy a striker!!

    3RD INTERVIEWER: any targets for the next auctions?

    EBOUE: I hear mark noble is a steady mid capable of dictating the game. We’ ll see… I like the look of a new guy at right back.. Demel? Eboue leaves to a chorus of a song about bubbles or something. The song Doesn’t seem to be a link to football. He stops and signs shirts for many fans, including Bemba da, whose vocabulary has not yet expanded and was limited to three letters… West ham 7/4 to win.

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