UEFA Super Cup 2013

The following game will be played in Gameweek 1 to decide the winner of the 2013 UEFA Super Cup:

Champions League winner MJ6987 (Atalanta) vs Europa League winner Acquafresca (Panathinkaikos)


4 thoughts on “UEFA Super Cup 2013

  1. Good luck both of you. I have played against MJ in last 2 seasons and to be honest, he is a very good FPL gaffer. I don’t know much about Acquafresca, but to be in the super cup final means he is also someone to watch out for.

    Anyways good luck once again guys. Do your best during this DGW and claim your prize.

  2. Thanks Gooner! Could go either way GW1. I’ve got a few punts that could come off or be a disaster!

  3. Best of luck to both of you- MJ and Aqua!!!

    Any of you two planning planning to have 4 or more dgw players???
    I know its hush-hush 😉

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