A Tale of Lap Dances and Extreme Valour

You can say that again.

It all started with a Vincent Kompany red card three seasons back when a certain poster entered the fray of the FFS community. Hauls of laughter and series of abuses were thrown at his endless rants. Really? You’re telling me this guy’s an honorable man?

A year later he soon came to be known as a rotation wizard, developing the most stylish FPL tools for the benefit of the community. Could he be an honorable man? Perhaps.

Then came the Euro’s and along with his Cup partner, The Light Knight, they devised the bomb of an initiative. Ever since, it has been engraved on FFS UEFA history as The Order of Extreme Valor. Maybe the rumours are true, he is an honorable man.

One should have at least seen the signs that he was indeed an honorable man when he got tempted into the appeal of lap dances at the hands of FFS celebrity Bemba Da. Ever since the incident happened, the man is known to seek medical counseling till this day.

His destiny was finally sealed when on a fine Saturday night, he decided to go camping at the delightful Norfolk lands in England. One would usually take lots of food, water and shelter supplies for camping and enjoy the scenic views of sunrise at the Norfolk. But the man decided to take his laptop and a mobile internet connection. To ensure the maniacal game (TWS) he had been organizing ran smoothly, we witnessed him drip the last minute of his laptop’s battery life for the sake of the game.

Without any further ado, FFS UEFA is delighted to announce that the inevitable has happened. Geezers, hope you will join us in welcoming the latest member of the Council.



14 thoughts on “A Tale of Lap Dances and Extreme Valour

  1. Now you guys are going somewhere. This is the man! 😀

  2. A fine man for the job.

    FFS is struggling big time so I thought I’d share my ramblings on here instead. Prior to this morning. I was all set on Cech + Hazard + Lukaku/Oscar as my DGW coverage. I’ve now changed to Hazard + Oscar + Lukaku.

    My thinking is that there will be bandwagons to hop on and price rises to catch, none of these will be GKs (my plan was to use my first FT on downgrading Cech). By having your DGW coverage in midfield and attack you can both hop on the bandwagons and lose Chelsea players in one go.

    Am I talking sense or is this final day madness?

  3. In these times of corruption, where bribes can get you power and position (yes TW, I’m talking about you), I must applaud the valour of FFS UEFA to appoint the right man for the job.

  4. I thought Isacki was already part of the Council? 😀 Regardless, welcome!

    Now, look at this beauty:

    Rat / Toure / Ivanovic
    Hazard (c) / Sessegnon / Walcott / Silva (vc)
    Sturridge / Benteke / Lukaku

    Boruc / Turner / Brayford / Livermore

    • Hehe indeed he has been the whole of summer. Finally the time had come to make it official…

      Awesome team, with a good mix of differentials. Soldado not tickle your fancy?

  5. Much appreciated lads, much appreciated 🙂

    Let me tell you that as I updated TWS at 1am from my dying laptop inside my tent in the middle of the countryside surrounded by horse poo and sleeping tentmates… I thought ‘this is what Saturday nights should be like’ 😉

  6. When are the fixtures out?

  7. I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate one of my best mate, Isacki. This could not have happened to a nicer person. I hope that one day I will be in the council too. At the moment, I am absolutely buzzing for Isacki.

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