Community Leagues that Might be Worth Your Interest

As the start of the season is upon us, we wanted to highlight a few leagues for those looking to challenge themselves in FPL this year. We’re sure that there are plenty of other great community leagues out there but these are just a few of the ones we’re aware of that are open to the entire FFS community.

Deadzone League : 234-401

The competition for supremacy between those of us on FFS while most posters are asleep. This league is for Deadzoners ONLY.


Beat FORCA if You Can : 241-383153

Forca Inter has challenged the FFS Community to see if anyone can beat him.  Join his league if you’re up for the challenge!


Early Bird League : 58-338

One of TorresMagic’s challenging leagues. “This competition is one that rewards the consistent FPL player.” The goal is have 6 numbers or less in your GW rank. However there are penalties for weekly hits. For more details, check here.


 Last Man Standing : 58-324

Another one of TorresMagic’s leagues. The bottom “X” number of teams each week will be eliminated, with the league lasting until gw 38. “GW 1 will be an easy  introduction with average or better being good enough to progress.” For more details, check here.


Dead Team League: 47786-14315

Tokored’s league is quite different from most leagues and will require you to create a second team (shhh). The goal of the league is simple: create a team in GW 1 that will be the best over the course of the 38 game season. After the GW 1 deadline you are not allowed to touch your team whatsoever – your captain, vice captain, and sub order must remain the same, and no transfers are allowed – so don’t even bother logging back in after the deadline.


Whether you decide to join any of these leagues or not, we’d like to wish you all good luck for the upcoming FPL season.



3 thoughts on “Community Leagues that Might be Worth Your Interest

  1. What about my league? Opening day league code is 82-699

  2. I would offer the code to the Laernu Testimonial Cup but we are now closed for business. Unless of course you can offer yourself + Bemba Da, I will re-consider. It has long been my dream to get Bemba to join my league. That dream sadly looks like fading 😦

    If anyone can get Bemba to join in the next 6 hours I will allow you also a spot in my league as a way of showing my gratitude.

    Thank you and goodnight,

    Laernu the Great

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