TWS – End of Season Party

Super Oscar Baabbyyy has promised to bring his cheerleaders

Let’s party it out, geezers!

Same time next week, we will have completed all 10 Rounds. Doesn’t that call for a celebration? So here we are.

Date and Time:

2 Sep 2013 (Monday), 2000 HRS BST

Countdown on the TWS Simulator will reflect this from Sunday

(Here’s a useful Timezone converter for your city if you need one)


TWS Chatango

Auto-Select Phase:

For those looking to fill up their roster by scouting free agents, Auto-Select will also be completed at the party.

Prior to the party, TWS will be assigning random numbers to all the homeless targets which will remain undisclosed. During the party, each club will then be given a chance to pick a number for every spot they need to fill. The number you chose will determine your club’s destiny.

Anyone from the club will be able to participate in Auto-Select. To be able to do so,

1) Make sure you have a Chatango account. If not, quickly sign up here

2) In the last TWS submission (Round 10), owners will have the chance to authorize all Chatango usernames who they want to allow pick for their club.

If no one from the club is able to make it, TWS will use a random number generator to pick a player for your club. We’ve got your back! Having said that, we would still love for you to be able to decide your club’s fate.

Also needless to say, you can expect lots of booze on the night. As a TWS special, we will be assembling the hottest bartenders who have been at the various Happy Hours. Make sure you wear your best attire to impress them and take them away on the night.

Join in for one last night of fun and excitement. Come celebrate a summer of hard work and friendship.

It’s time to party….TWS style.


2 thoughts on “TWS – End of Season Party

  1. I love this!!! We are going to miss these sexy pics!

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