TWS Exclusive: Game of Secrets

One of my favorite authors once rightly said hindsight is a double-edged sword. Too much of it and the past seems inevitable, With too little hindsight, a panoramic perspective is impossible.

So here we are geezers.

Firstly, massive congratulations are in order as you’ve now completed your 15 man roster. Hope you’ve got the chance to sit and admire some of the names that came through. Who would have thought Lee Buom Young would one day become a Manchester United goalkeeper or the record tumbling Gareth Bale play for Hull City? Clearly, you did.

As we await the final results on the 7th of September, we’d like to do some honors (From cold to hot cos we know what you’re waiting for…)

Vote of Thanks

I’ll be honest. When we first discussed the idea of TWS, we weren’t expecting to get the dedication and attention you have given the game over the summer. Thank you so much for playing the game in the spirited manner as you have. Considering how this game is largely played behind the scenes, you guys make the game. So do give yourself a pat.
I think we all concur that a lot of the TWS experience should be owed to the genius who designed the Simulator, without whom TWS would be a game for geeks played on spreadsheets (one may argue it still is). Thank you Isacki, you’ve been a great partner-in-crime.  My biggest appreciation also goes to the selfless TWS Consultant, Ginkapo, who decided not to play TWS rather make the game a cherishable experience for all of you. Sincere gratitude also to the team of Declan, TW and Pratik, who’ve all played a pivotal role at different stages in the game. Last but not the least, a special shout out to Jonty for boosting our egos  by featuring us on the FFS Community Roundups.


As you’ve probably already heard via rumors, the response in TWS1 has already got us thinking about TWS2.
So we would appreciate any feedback / improvements you may have in mind that will benefit TWS2 (We won’t promise anything, but we do try our best to impress upon you 😉 ). Could be anything – What have you enjoyed the most/least, thoughts on the rules, community spirit and banter, team you were impressed with, any secrets you want to share, thoughts on your team, quality of bartenders in the Happy Hours, etc

What next? Awards Ceremony and TWS Story Series coming up…

Later this week, you can look forward to the TWS Awards Ceremony hosted by West Ham at Madison Park. Isacki will be doing the honors, so he would still welcome any last minute bribes to get you on the podium.
Following the announcement of the results on Sep 7th deadline, we have a TWS Story Series coming up for you. We will be interviewing teams (including team members) who will be reflecting on their TWS experience, lessons learnt and telling us what really went behind the scenes. If you’d like to volunteer your TWS story, give us a shout.
As a teaser of the secrets you can expect to be revealed in the TWS Story Series, here’s a sample of the Manchester United HQ. Some commitment level eh?

Season 1 at a Glance

Now it’s time to reveal a few juicy facts and secrets about TWS 1:
  • 200+ Ticker requests – Mindgames have been a pivotal part of the TWS. Have a read through all the ticker requests.
  • 407 Player Targets – The targets roster shows the strength of the impressive scouting done by each team.
  • TWS Reporter – Famous for his mindgames on FFS and on the ticker, for mysteriously predicting the season-defining Cristiano Ronaldo to Norwich deal correctly, TWS Reporter is none other than Man City manager, In Tommy We Trust. We hope you didn’t reveal any insider information about your club to Man City, bravo to the idea.

Bidding Data Released

Okay enough of my inane rambling. The moment you’ve all been waiting for. The moment where you find out how much you overpaid on a certain player, the moment you find out how lucky or unlucky you were, the moment where you realize Captain Hindsight would have breezed through TWS.

Presenting to you the all exclusive bidding dashboard of TWS Season 1.


7 thoughts on “TWS Exclusive: Game of Secrets

  1. fantastic work-charts are mindboggling
    thankyou for a lot of fun and fulham will in the gym working on stamina for the second half of TWS2 !

  2. Thanks again for running this. We (Villa) enjoyed it and it filled the pre-season nicely. You may need to watch for “dubious” transfers next time, e.g. at artificially low prices (Ronaldo anyone?).

    • Cheers for the feedback MJ.

      Interesting how clubs viewed the deal differently. Wouldn’t underestimate the benefit Spurs got out of it. Influx of 15M and 5 tokens is pretty smart business. Effectively win-win territory but you could argue the significance of the deal was tilted more towards any one club. Looking back, no doubt it was phenomenal for Norwich

      Personally having read the negotiation between Anorak and Shadow, I can confirm it was genuine and EPIC. Maybe if they deem fit, they could share it haha

    • Just noticed that Spurs also bid for Messi – 66 tokens but they went over their quota elsewhere and Lionel found his real home with Villa !

  3. To ENR/Isacki – I would like on behalf of Aston Villa and myself thank you for a fantastic game , I can’t begin to comprehend the amount of work that went into making TWS a massive and unrivalled success.
    We have thoroughly enjoyed playing it and I have already given Enr some feedback.
    A genuine and heartfelt thanks to all the team .
    Very very very well done to all.

    • Thanks for the kind words bud. I loved your account of the season which you sent me, so much passion. Will send you guys something once TWS is over 😀

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