TWS Awards Ceremony

Norwich have done it. 

Amassing a spectacular team value of € 358.5 Mil, Norwich Football Club have won the first season of the Transfer Window Simulation. They’ve truly played a remarkable game from targeting value risers and bargain buys to making the most of the transfer window. We are expecting a full account of the Norwich Story from The Shadow’s army in due course. Meanwhile, party is on tonight at the Norfolk as EpicFail’s Missus tells us.

TWS Awards

Meanwhile we welcome you to the TWS Awards Ceremony hosted by Eboue’s West Ham at the Madison Square Garden. These awards will be presented by none other than TWS Legend Isacki. Here we go…

Arsene Wenger Award

For not spending their budget, it goes to Swansea & West Brom (18 tokens unspent)

Andy Carroll Award

For the worst bid, it goes to Newcastle who purchased Fernandinho at €32m for 36 tokens in Round 9.

Eric Cantona Award

For the best bid, it goes to Fulham who acquired Podolski at €23m for 1 token in Round 4.

Arry Redknapp Prize

For the best transfer, it goes to Shadow (Norwich) & Anorak (Spurs) for the exquisitely negotiated season defining Ronaldo deal.

Stuart Pearce Award

For being so dedicated you’re actually scared, it goes to Fulham for mirroring real life by recruiting an actual Fulham employee. Yikes.

SAF Award

For best troll on the ticker and throughout the tournament, it goes to the TWS Reporter (Man City).

Rafael Benitez Award

For the best press conference, it’s a close tie between HVT’s The Messi Story (Aston Villa) and Shadow’s CR7 video presser (Norwich)

Ander Herrera Trophy

For the most farcical transfer negotiation, it goes to Super Oscar Baby who spent half an hour negotiating a deal with Zep on deadline day without his owner knowing anything about it.

Ian Holloway Prize

For the most talkative and spirited team on TWS chat, it goes to Liverpool

One Night In Istanbul Award

For the best comeback, Arsenal for finishing 4th from 17th in Round 6

Derby County Memorial Cup

For the worst team in the game, it goes to Sunderland

Peter Odemwingie Trophy

For the least loyal club employee, it goes to Head Coach Thomass67 for his numerous failed attempts to sabotage Cardiff . With his permission, we reproduce his resignation letter to the owner BonZ

“Can you terminate my contract i feel its time to move on, i want to lave the cub with my head held high, i really would like to thank… every member of the staff of the trust they have put in me but i feel its time to move on and i want a healthy and a new fresh challange… i feel the time is right to move on and i would like to fully thank my owner BonZ who has put trust in me but i feel i have to move on and… be ready for the new challange. i would like to wish a Cardiff a good future. Cardiff will have a special place in my heart! – Kind Regards, Thomass67”

Eva Carneiro Award

For best staff position, it goes to Epic Fail’s Missus, Raising and Giving, Head of (Norwich)

Please join us in congratulating Norwich and the TWS Award winners.

On that note, we would like to thank everyone who participated in TWS1. We also hope you have enjoyed the fantastic atmosphere and made some friends (and more enemies) along the way.

Norwich, enjoy the hysteria tonight! You truly deserve it.


13 thoughts on “TWS Awards Ceremony

  1. It was a great competition to be in for many reasons, and I’ve learnt loads from it. Getting to know people a bit better for me has been the biggest plus but that’s selfish.

    NORWICH & SHADOW… BIG crongrats! You played a skilled game and pwned us all. Well done 🙂

  2. Jules Rimet Award for organizing a tournament to be proud of: ENR

  3. We hail the first champions of TWS, Norwich. All rise for the FFS UEFA anthem.

  4. Well done Norwich. Congrats on winning the first season of Transfer window simulation. 😉

  5. well done norwich, the ronaldo transfer deal secured the win. Shame transfermarkt didn’t update some of the player’s market value who moved at the end of the transfer window before the TWS game finished, something to bear in mind if TWS is run for a second year (still waiting on gareth’s post real madrid price rise!)

  6. Love the pic!

    Thanks guys. I’ve got to give a shout out to the other members of the Norwich triumvirate: Castiel and Little Dancer. It’s been incredibly fun being part of the Norwich team.

    Thanks to all the Council guys for putting together a great game.

    Thanks to all 20 teams for making this an enjoyable interactive game and a fun transfer season.

  7. Welcome to this Evening Press Conference with Cardiff Head Coach Thomass67
    Reporter: “Congratulations on winning the TWS award. Well deserved”
    Thomas; “Thank you very much”
    Reporter; What made you join Cardiff?
    Thomas; “The history of the club is massive that is why I wanted to manage Cardiff”.
    Reporter; How did you enjoy being the Cardiff Head Coach?
    Thomas; “I was very proud as you imagine that I’m the 1st Head Coach of this Transfer Simulation game, it’s a club with wonderful tradition and I’m very blessed to coach the club”.
    Reporter; This was a big step up for you, how did you manage it?
    Thomas; “It’s the same as I’ve managed every challenge I’ve faced, my path as a young coach been different to most, even know I’m young in age I’ve actually been playing the Fantasy Premier League which has lots of similarities to budgets, I’ve been working on Budgets for the last 4 years, what helped me was the inspiration of Granville who told me when I was in England with my South Africa boys take my coaching badges where I spend nearly 3 months working their. When I look at the age I don’t really mind because it doesn’t tell anything”.
    Reporter; What are your future ambitions?
    Thomas; “I want to go from strength to strength. I have learnt enough lessons in the first season of TWS. I would like to become the owner of a club in the next season. I believe I am a born leader”
    Reporter: Thanks for your time Thomas. That ends the press conference, thank you for joining in.

  8. *applauds*

    Great stuff guys. Its been an honor to be a part of this. Looking forward to more.

    Big congratulations to Norwich and everyone participating for making this a great experience. And to Arsenal. You boys are great!

  9. Really enjoyed – albeit many of the staff disappeared on holidays well run little game….

    Be interesting to learn which club actually made most profit…. Bale owners surely?

    PS can you confirm Cardiff City were the top Welsh team 🙂

    • Cheers Bonz.

      Top 2 profit makers:

      Hull made 30M (27 on Bale and 3 on Courtois) and Norwich made 13M (10 on Marquinhos and 3 on Muslera)

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