TWS Story Series: A View from Carrow Road, Part 1

Geezers! Welcome to the first edition of the TWS Story Series.

We take you straight to Carrow Road where Norwich owner The Shadow exclusively recites their glorious path to the TWS championship. Feel free to clarify any questions in the comments below and The Shadow or one of the Norwich team members might be able to get back to you.

Round 1

From: The Shadow
To: Norwich Staff
Sent: Tue, Jun 14, 2013
Subject: GKs
. . . those figures plus the results of the GK nominations further leads me to believe that it will take somewhere well above ₤300 mil to win this thing. OTOH I think the first round(s) is/are likely to see overbidding as if ₤200 were still the goal, either by teams out of the loop, teams overbidding with the idea of releasing players, and just general desire to have the GK they want to start the game.
At the outset of the game, there was general discussion that the winning team should end up with about 200m of value. Further chatter toward the round 1 bidding deadline indicated an upward revision of that projection was taking hold with 300M the new target. As seen above, Norwich projected the target was going to be even higher, and this projection held true through the rest of the bidding. (Norwich finished at 358.5 although 335 might have been enough). The rest of the above prediction didn’t pan out. A handful of teams did bid higher than others, but overall round 1 saw a lot of conservative bidding and ROI numbers well above the final ROIs. Norwich was just as conservative as the pack and was successful on only 1 bid – Fernando Muslera 13m for 4 tokens. Muslera was specifically targeted because of his potential to rise because of transfer rumors, and he did become our first value increase. Overall though, in later rounds the focus on targets would shift from who was likely to increase value, to who could we expect to land with a reasonable or small bid.

Round 2

From: Castiel
To: Norwich Staff
Sent: Tue, Jun 17, 2013
Subject: Messi
. . . I think it’s important to have at least some sort of strategy and the one I have been thinking of revolves around the Holy Grail that is Lionel Messi!
If we are aiming to hit a target of 300m+ acquiring Messi will take us a large part of the way there. This is obvious to all teams and when the time comes he will, more than likely, be the subject of bids from all the squads – so what will it take to get him?
As a guide I have put a figure of 50 tokens on him (I don’t whether this would get him or if we want to spend that but it seems likely to be the ball park figure which he’ll cost in my opinion) and decided to see what way we would be able to build our squad if we got him for that.
Ok so if we got Messi for 50 to join Muslera for 4 that would leave us 46 tokens to spend on the rest of the squad -just over 4 tokens each.
Messi and his 120m enter the discussion (and Ronaldo would soon follow). At this point, having one of the big two looked like the surest, if not only way to victory. With sky high ROIs in week 1, talking about spending 50 tokens on a 120m player was a definite change of focus within the Norwich camp. It meant we would have to continue to bid conservatively for other positions like the defenders in this round. We ‘splurged’ on Varane with a bid of 6, with 3 and 2 tokens on our others. We landed Varane and Marquinhos (who became our second riser and a big one at that). But our conservative bidding still has in fifth spot with a fairly high ROI.

Round 3

From: Castiel
To: Norwich Staff
Sent: Tue, Jun 27, 2013
Subject: Mids
As far as this round goes I think we need to get high value players in. Similar to the last round one or maybe even two decent bids on high value players with the obligatory cheeky bid. Perhaps I would go for Marek Hamsik and Lucas Moura but as usual it is with no real reason, other than avoiding the big name Europeans and EPL players, whether that is a good tactic or not.
From: LittleDancer
To: Norwich Staff
Sent: Tue, Jun 29, 2013
Subject: Mids
I’m feeling like 2 or 3 for Toni Kroos might be good.
A fairly typical example of the discussions at Carrow Road. Scouts identify the targets, and then the Owner fills in the bids. We went with Hamsik at 7 and lost him to a bid of 8. At the last minute my gut tells me to up Kroos’s bid from 3 to 6 and we beat out Tottenham on a tie break. Sometimes it’s good to be lucky.

Round 4

From: The Shadow
To: Norwich Staff
Sent: Tue, July 17, 2013
Subject: All About the Messi
I think there is a desire to go big on a Messi bid. How big? I expect Messi will go for 50+ as teams who have been shut out or with few tokens spent go all in. I expect Ronaldo to go for 40+ and Falcao for 25+.
I also think it’s time for us to win a player for more than 6 tokens. Our ROI so far gives us enough flexibility to do that.
From: LittleDancer
To: Norwich Staff
Sent: Tue, July 17, 2013
Subject: All About the Messi
I think you could bid 60 for Messi and still not get him. It is so easy to pick up high value players for 1 token if you just pick someone that no one else has bid for, which is of course easier said than done. . . .I would go big on Messi, Ronaldo or Falcao and bid tiny on 2 other 30m+ players. We’ve seen consistently that huge players are slipping through the net unpicked in each round. If you get a bargain great, and if none of your bids are successful, it really isn’t a big deal.
And LittleDancer was right with Messi going for well over 60 at 66 tokens. In the end we felt, the bidding would be too rich for Messi and we would take out shot on Ronaldo with what we felt a more reasonable bid of 46 tokens. It didn’t work as we tied for 4th highest bid on Ronaldo who goes to Tottenham for 60 tokens. Not landing Ronaldo necessitates a change from our plan developed after round 1. Norwich’s strategy will shift from landing the big target to landing more and more targets.
We are also obviously not quite done with Ronaldo. . .
To be continued

6 thoughts on “TWS Story Series: A View from Carrow Road, Part 1

  1. I am waiting for the part 2, this really sounds like an interesting competition. 🙂

    • Great! That’s the point of the TWS Story Series. Apart from achieving retrospective for participants, it gives a sneak peek for those who didn’t get the opportunity to play.

      Stay tuned Prats 🙂

  2. The ending is so apt. A thriller in the making!

    “We are also obviously not quite done with Ronaldo. . .”

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