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FPL Analyzer screenshot

When picking a team in FPL or transferring, there are a handful of stats that I need to check frequently. But checking a number of different websites, spread sheets etc. can be tedious. Also I think the FPL website is not very modern or dynamic, even though they launched a nice redesign at the beginning of 2012/13 season (if I am correct). So I thought, why not use some idle time and programming to create something which will make all information that I need available in one place?

So I wrote this bookmarklet called FPLAnalyzer. It makes all those information available right on your ‘pick team’ or ‘transfer’ page. It is a free and open-source script which I actually find quite useful myself.

Setting up the tool is as easy as creating a bookmark on your browser. To use it, you just need to click the bookmark when you are on your ‘pick team’ or ‘transfer’ page on FPL site. I actually made an instruction video which shows how to setup and use the tool, here it is.

For more, you can check the website: http://fplanalyzer.com

I made the script as a side project. The code is open-source and available on GitHub. Anyone good with JavaScript and jQuery can fork the project and work on it. I have little experience with Git though so I’m not sure how to manage pull requests yet. Basically I have a php scraper running on a free server at heroku.com which scrapes NTI data from FISO CrackTheCode. Other than pulling NTI data, all the functionality runs on your browser.

I think I will work and enhance the script and add new features when I get free time (which is scarce ): ). Right now I am thinking that displaying a list of players with top NTI could be useful. I might even attempt adding an NTI option in the right column select box on transfer page. Also I am planning to show next two or three gameweek opponents at a time. However, you only need to setup the tool once, in future those features will come automatically to you.

Many thanks to ENR who spotted the tool and encouraged me to post here. Hope you will find it useful too.


10 thoughts on “FPL Analyzer Tool

  1. This is a brilliant idea and well executed. I just tested it and it worked fine on the first go. Thanks for posting this.

    As ever just the usual wishlist. I’ve been through coding stuff before so know how much work it can be responding to requests but just throw these out there.

    Would be great if the RMT text was done in the format posted in Fantasy Football Scout. Example:

    Kolarov Collins Toure
    Michu Walcott Ramsey Walters
    Bendtner Sanogo Graham

    Subs: Boruc, Demel Kelly Nasri”

    If the opponents could be displayed as a list of the next 6 opponents, that would be perfect too. Dunno if that defeats the point of displaying for a particular GW. Just a thought.

    Great work.

    • Thanks for your comment. The RMT string can be changed easily, I guess I’ll do that right away.

      How do you suggest I go about displaying multiple opponents? Next 3 opponents can be easily displayed but showing as many as 6 teams might break the layout of the page.

  2. Haven’t read the article but use a joke team in the vid and graphics? 😉

  3. What a pleasant suprise to see a tech-ish article on this blog!

    I am very familiar with Git and should be able to help you out if you need any help there. Haven’t given it a try yet, but promise to do this weekend.

    As Isacki mentioned, integrating something similar to the wonder ‘Scoutify’ would be terrific.

    Link to Scoutify -: http://userscripts.org/scripts/review/152008

  4. It’s a great tool. Have really enjoyed using it this season.

  5. This is… awesome. Nice work 🙂

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