TWS Story Series: Interview with Team Liverpool

Liverpool have gone 4231. Bench: Viviano; Guarin, Mkhitaryan, Jovetic

TWS Reporter: Liverpool, welcome to the TWS Studio. We’ve got owner 4vets, Manager Shipstontrev and Chief Scout Lawro here with us, who will talk to us about their impressive journey in TWS1

We’re told you haven’t got much time remaining before your trip to Sunderland, so we’ll make it quick. First we’d like to ask Vets. Could you tell us about your team dynamics and how you got everyone together?

4vets: Having been given the honour of owning Liverpool my first task was to employ the best in the business so I contacted Shipstontrev to be my manager. He accepted and, continuing the “best in the business” line of enquiry, I contacted the winning UEFA ICC Pakistan Team members to see if any of them wanted to scout for us. At the same time emails were sent to all those on the official recruitment spreadsheet who had expressed a preference for Liverpool. Those who accepted were in and we then looked for a Chief Scout. After a democratic vote by the team Lawro was chosen and it was possibly the best move the team made as he has been an awesome resource, a mine of tactics and info, throughout the competition. That shouldn’t belittle the contributions of most of the other team members as they were superb. Archie, Young and Arrogant, Boom Boom, Edison and LFC are da Bomb also deserve special thanks. I don’t think FCB participated but no grudges are held as I’m sure he had better things to do! (takes a deep breath and drinks some wine)

 For discussion and strategies I set up a Google spreadsheet which was used a bit, especially by the excellent Archie, to publish the best available players and prices. Mainly, we used team email. Usually I’d ask the whole team for recommendations, wait for feedback and then Trev, Lawro and I would get a basic plan together and put it out for the scouts to comment on. I think it worked really well with a rough consensus agreed by all.

TWS Reporter: Great. We’d love to know if you had any long-term strategy in the game.

4vets: Lawro was our chief strategist as I was initially clueless and it was he that came up with the idea that a TV of 300m+ and the signing of CR7 or Messi was crucial to win the tournament. How right he was. I feel we started out with the right strategy, a cheeky punt of 1 token, a mid range bid and top bid. It soon became apparent that the “cheeky punt” was providing dividends but were unlucky to miss out on early cheap, key players on a tie breaker/dice roll as these would have freed up funds for proper bids later on. It was obvious that luck was a major part of the game. No complaints though, that’s the way it goes. We realised that the earlier rounds were the ones where the bargains would be found and gradually decreased our ROI as the game went on.

TWS Reporter: Seeing as how scouting was a big part of your team’s success in bidding, any tips?

4vets: I’ll leave this to our excellent scouts! (takes the opportunity to drink more wine)

Shipstontrev: I did some scouting of the French Ligue 1 on the L’Equipe website, a very good use of a degree in French! Archie was great at looking for the potential for players who might rise in value, although the Transfermarkt people seemed to have a random approach as to how they would assess a rise or fall in value.

Lawro: I did notice that defensive midfielders seemed to be overlooked by many teams, we managed to get Ramires for 5 Tokens, Fernandinho was constantly homeless and could’ve been bought for 1 Token and Moutinho was snatched up for only 2 Tokens!

TWS Reporter: Fantastic. What did you enjoy the most over the course of the 3 months?

4vets: The whole competition was a great success for me. I mostly enjoyed working with other people, realising just how good they were and building friendships… even with the oppo… just like the ICC competition.

(rather tipsy at this point) My best moment came in the last round when choosing the allocation numbers for Man U’s unfilled places. This has to be the highlight of my FPL related career, with 5 players adding a pathetic total of 0.85m to Man U’s team value. For Liverpool, things don’t come any better than this. Being slightly tipsy that night (and… ahem… most) did help! The icing on the cake was the pick of Bum-Young Lee, who Lawro put forward. I will never have such luck again so I’ll savour that brief moment!

 Shipstontrev: My best moment was when I was standing in for 4vets who was on holiday in France without wifii. Obviously we had discussed targets and bidding tactics, but it was still great to find out we had won all 3 of our midfield bids, including Ramires at €27m. for just 5 tokens. I really enjoyed e.mailing the team with that news.

TWS Reporter: Do you happen to have any stories from the transfer windows?

4vets: We had a lot of discussion about who to bid for and how much to pay. Lawro, Trev and I did consider trying to bribe certain FUT 13 players with FUT coins (250k) we had stashed and we also thought about  trying to find a Liverpool sympathiser in another team to spy for us but, in the end, nothing came of that… or did it? 😉

Lawro: It’s true, in a pathetically hilarious attempt to get some last minute transfer deals 4Vets, Trev and I scraped together a sum of 250k Fifa Ultimate Team coins to use as a completely above board negotiating tool…

TWS Reporter: Any moves you regret that you feel would have changed the outcome of your game?

4vets: Of course, we could have bid just one more token on the players we lost on a tie breaker but that’s really just down to luck. Other than that I think we understood the game pretty well from the start and just finessed things as it progressed.

Lawro: The most frustrating moment of the game for me was Round 7 where we didn’t manage to acquire a single striker when we desperately needed to, we did get that round horribly wrong but I feel we were also priced out of some of our targets by the likes of Sunderland who bid 14 Tokens on Jovetic!

TWS Reporter: What would your advice be to future participants?

4vets: Be lucky and get players early has to be the main thing. Also, build a good, enthusiastic and knowledgeable team around you. I would say 5 or 6 team members is optimal as that gives enough differing views to explore all opportunities. Any more than that could blur the focus.

Shipstontrev: it’s a team competition, so give everyone as much chance as possible to have their say.

Lawro: Don’t rely on price rises!

TWS Reporter: Thank you Team Liverpool for taking your time to talk to us in the Studio.

4vets: One last thing, BIG congratulations to the whole of the Norwich team. They played a superb game and the acquisition of CR7 was tactically exquisite (even if I didn’t understand it at the time!). Really, they played excellently (tries to stand up and accept the ovation from the Pool fans, but needs assistance from his manager)

Lawro: Yes. 2-0 to Liverpool.

 TWS Reporter: That’s that folks. Hope you enjoyed the short and sweet interview with the bosses at Liverpool. They haven’t given much out, have they? Maybe they’ll want some revenge in TWS2 😉


2 thoughts on “TWS Story Series: Interview with Team Liverpool

  1. FUT coins. No holds barred LOL

  2. Well done (begrudgingly) to all at Liverpool !
    An excellent read and seems teamwork was yere core ethic ,
    Liverpool were right about needing Ronnie/messi to win this ! Just a pity Team Villa seemed to luck out !

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