TWS Story Series: Interview with Team Everton

Everton stick to the traditional 4-2-3-1 formation. How is that for an attack?

TWS Reporter: After speaking to Liverpool, we head over to the other side of Merseyside. Tonight, we’ve got manager Dukes of Hazard and Chief Scout Ryan here with us. The owner Saniul being so disappointed at not making the Champions League spots, has gone absconding from Goodison Park.

Team Everton, welcome to the TWS Studio. Congratulations on your impressive display against Newcastle yesterday, you must be delighted. To start off the interview Dukes, would you like to tell us about your team composition?

Dukes of Hazard: Well I can only guestimate what happened at the start, all that I know is Saniul was one of the newer  members of the community who received ownership of a team. He had already tied up Moves like Agger (MLA), Ryan and BishBashBosh (B3) before he came to me. I still think he only wanted me because of my top “cough” 1000 finish last year. The truth is our team set up was very well. Ryan saved us in the first round when no one remembered to put our bids through and MLA and B3 always had some great ideas which they shared. We started communicating with Email’s but that soon changed when we made a Chatango Everton discussion room. Something I do regret is calling this room Team Everton. I am still sure that someone managed to guess this as we kept having anon24058 pop up and then disappear the moment we noticed him 😉

TWS Reporter: I wonder who that was. Anyways, you seem to have a stable position throughout the game. What was your strategy?

Dukes of Hazard: I think this will be true for most teams but one of the first things we discussed was “to messi or not to messi.” The initial view was that Messi or Ronaldo would be a necessity however after a few days of reflection we all noted and agreed that the risk involved with either of these two was ridiculous, we felt that unless we wanted to bid around 75 tokens on messi or 65 on Ronaldo we could not be sure that our bid would be the winning one and that should we fail in our bids that we would be out of the running as nearly all the big hitters would have already been snatched up. We also decided to not be scared to over bid after the first transfer window when we realized that players where worth a lot more than tokens. I think we wished we had been less conservative in the first 4 rounds and tried to maximize our players. Some of the tokens offer’s we received where ludicrous but we understood the value of having a 30 million player rather than two 20 million players early on.

Ryan: The main one really was to not go hard trying to get the top rated players all the time. Our aim was to try and bid for players we think are flying low on the radar. That way we would reduce the amount of competition ensuring we get players increasing our total value.

TWS Reporter: Like we ask everyone, what aspect of TWS did you enjoy the most?

Dukes of Hazard: I think the social aspect of the game was really refreshing, we spent a lot of time analyzing past rounds and trying to second guess the market trends and in a similar fashion the transfer round were very funny, some of the offers we received where outrageous but the humor was all in good jest.

Ryan: The constant second-guessing as to whom we think others will go for. It is in art trying to pick under the radar players and its always awesome to get a 40m player for only 5 tokens.

TWS Reporter: Everton were particularly well known for their activity in the transfer windows, especially for the deadline day antics. Could you share your perspective on this Dukes?

Dukes of Hazard: Transfer deadline day…was crazy. My phone kept buzzing while my girl friend gave me the death stare every time I picked up my phone, I should use this opportunity to say thank to her, as she already hates my fpl hobby and doesn’t approve when I spend an hour or two ignoring her while trying to come up with price list’s etc.. Especially when we are on holiday .

However before I start on our transfer dealings it’s worth noting that Saniul disappeared that week and until deadline day we couldn’t put in place any deals.

A lot of the deals where self explanatory, but a special mention must go to Eboue at West Ham. We must have exchanged 80 emails (I’m not kidding) – token for players, player for two players, 5 players for 4. We tried nearly every avenue, unfortunately it never worked out for us but we tried. I supposed it was never meant to be.

Unfortunately we ran out of time and I still feel as if Stoke took advantage of us. Our deal of mata and pique for modric casillas and the ox wasn’t a good one, however we didn’t have a keeper and only 2 striker’s as well as 4 defenders which meant our team was very unbalanced. It’s a shame but we simply ran out of time and it was the best deal on the table, had we done our business early that wouldn’t have happened.

TWS Reporter: Brilliant. Having said that, do you have any tips on how to make the best of the transfer window?

Dukes of Hazard: Value a free slot at 12 or more million. I saw a lot of deals of 2 for 1 player where the recipient of 2 player’s would only make around 5 million, that’s fine if you did not think you would fill your 15 slots but that won’t win you the game or even get close to it.

Ryan: Offer realistic bids that work well for your opponents. There is little point offering trades that only really benefit your own team and not your trading partner. Most people will reject any trade if it doesn’t benefit them in a meaningful way. To make the most of the transfer window you need to consider positions in your squad that are lacking that you need to fill. You want to make sure you have a balanced squad so that it becomes easier to fill your squad during the bidding rounds making allowances for lost bids.

TWS Reporter: Any moves you regret that you feel would have changed the outcome of your game?

Dukes of Hazard: I think we have 3 moves which killed it for us.

We had decided to bid 11 on D.Silva in Round 3 and at the last minute changed it to Ozil. It’s very important to stress how essential that first round was. Silva ended going for 30 tokens in the end, which just shows how much more value per token you get in that first round.

The second happened in Round 4, we put down 13 on Rooney but once again the initial plan was to go for El Shaaraway. He didn’t go for much more than the 10 we would have put on for him but we ended up with lacina traore and the difference of 14 million was huge and would have meant another tasty asset in the transfer window.

The last mistake was not going for Fernandinho, this will all sound like captain hindsight but Ryan deserve credit when he said we should put a 5 token bid on him in round 6. I think when you look at our roster, we rarely if ever got a sneaky bid accepted. That sort of luck is crucial to be able to win this game.

Ryan: For me….it was not having a go at getting expensive players on the cheap in the first midfielder and striker rounds. It would have been quite possible to get 30m players for only a couple of tokens.

 TWS Reporter: That’s Team Everton for you, ladies and gents. Really valuable story there, especially the tips on the transfer window. Hope you will find them useful for TWS2. 


One thought on “TWS Story Series: Interview with Team Everton

  1. Nice. So the preliminary FA Cup round is over. I was Tier 8 and lost by 4 points. Out already then I presume? 😦

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