FFS Beach Soccer World Cup 2013

Just a game of soccer on the beach? Think again.


We are delighted to announce the return of the FPL based team head-to-head format. Having played the gentleman’s game in ICC Champions Trophy 2013, we now shift our attention to the exciting sport of beach soccer.

Ladies and gentlemen, we are proud to present to you – FFS Beach Soccer World Cup 2013 (BSWC).

Cup Overview

There are 16 countries who will be competing in the Cup. Each country has 11 players each. Every matchday, 7 of them play while the rest of the squad enjoy the show from the dugout.

A team’s total goals in a particular gameweek is the sum of the 7 players’ FPL scores in that GW. Then, two teams go head-to-head and the team with the higher goals scored wins the particular clash.

Who can play the game?

All posters of the FFS community are eligible to get in on the fun.

When does the tournament run?

The tournament runs from GW9 – GW15, according to the real Beach Soccer World Cup format

Where can I find more details on this tournament?

The tournament will be run on the linked spreadsheet. So be sure to bookmark the link and become familiar with its geography.

What’s unique about this tournament?

This game is aimed to bring out the “team” element to the fore, just like how it works in the real world. A team’s success isn’t dependent on one player alone after all.

As much as it’s a team game, leadership is so crucial. Each team will be led by a captain and a vice-captain, guided by a manager.

  • The manager is the know-it-all, who is the link of every team with FFS UEFA. They have been chosen by FFS UEFA for their valuable understanding of the game.
  • The captain is the face of the team. In the case of a tie in a particular clash, the captain’s FPL score is the tie-breaker. The respective captains are picked by each of the 16 managers.
  • The vice-captain will deputize for the captain in his absence and share his responsibility where apt.

The manager, captain and vice-captain together scout for their players in the team. They also hold the ultimate decision making power as to who plays every matchday.

Live Scorecast by Pratik – Over the course of the gameweek, you will have the chance to view the live goals scored by each team. More updates on this will follow, but check out the preview.

How can you join a team? 

Launch of the Scouting Period

The Scouting period for the teams runs until October 16th. Basically it’s a period when each team will be scouting for players (along with their FPL IDs). The squads will then be announced on October 17th.

You can also approach a captain, vice-captain or a coach to join the team of your interest. If you check the squad page, most of them have linked their Twitter or Email IDs.

Players can transfer after having signed for one country within October 16th, if they find another interesting offer/team. For example, you can transfer to Solomon Islands, despite signing for Senegoal earlier.

Get your speedos ready and see you at the beach!


19 thoughts on “FFS Beach Soccer World Cup 2013

  1. Thanks Thomass67 for captain? 😉

  2. who can I sign with? 😉

  3. The Spanish are recruiting El Matadors…….

  4. Amazed after my managerial feats at Aston Villa (TWS) that I wasn’t offered a team 😦

  5. Thomass u r chosen. Of course you are Tahiti mate. Among first names on the team sheet. we will make it and official

  6. I have a complaint. The second pic is too small, I can’t make out the tattoo.

  7. how can I apply for team(s) ?

  8. Hi There,

    I’d like to take part if possible. I often read the FFS comments and articles but rarely (if ever?) post up my own thoughts/comments.



  9. Thomass TSG Hoffenheim Presser
    On the teams results
    “I don’t just worry about getting three points, I worry about us playing well. In terms of results so far, we’ve been poor.
    “We can win games and I can still come away dissatisfied because of the performance.
    “We know our performances haven’t been great, but we can always improve as a group.
    “We’re just worried about the results, the performances have been great. The good thing for me is we’ve still got a lot of improvement to make.
    “There’s lots of areas we can be better at, but we have that confidence and belief at the moment.”
    “There’s a lot of confidence in the camp and I’m sure the boys will put everything right in the coming weeks”.

    On the opposition
    “Every game is a very, very difficult game. It’s a competitive League. They’ve done brilliant this season and they have an excellent manager.
    “It will be a really difficult game. Again, treat it like a Cup Final, work hard.
    “We’ve gained consistency, we just need to increase that level of performance. Our reaction since the defeat to Fortuna Dusseldorf has been very good.”
    Thoughts on season ahead.
    “We are very positive about our next games and our season starts from here”.
    Enjoy my TSG Hoffenheim Presser

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