Many thanks to everyone who participated in this season of the Council leagues. We have a major announcement to make. But first,  it’s time to take a look at the winners and losers in all of them

Premier League

FFS favourite and one of the best FPLers out there, EVS (Swansea) was crowned champion yet again after a thrilling season. Pushed all the way to the line by Beric (Everton) and ENR (Chelsea) EVS showed his class to emerge victorious on points difference scoring 178 to 92 (Beric) and 77 (ENR). Congratulations to EVS.

At the other end of the table disaster befell 1966 (Southampton) Light Knight (Norwich) and FFS legend Doosra (West Ham) who suffered the ignominy of relegation. This will be especially hard for Light Knight who lost a winner stays up tie with Count of Monte Hristo (Manchester United)

La Liga

In another close fought battle Athletic Timbo (Athletic Bilabao) triumphed of Ryan (Espanyol) again on points  (201-84). Down at the bottom, relegation befell Grubs (Villarreal), Declan (Getafe) and Osasuna (B2BBallacks)

Ligue 1

Congratulations to GoonerByron (Toulouse) who takes the title by 3 points from Boom Boom (Montpellier). At the other end it was the drop zone for King Eric (Evian) the Kuqi Monster (Reims) and Il Fantasia (Sochaux)

Serie A

FFS resident phyiso Facer (Hellas Verona) was triumphant here by just a single point from Dogba (Catania) whilst we saw Portugese&Proud (Genoa) ReinaMan  (Chievo) and Bowstring  (Torino) relegated


Another close battle as Billy Ketsu (Hertha Berlin) saw off Lateriser12 (Dortmund) by just a single point. At the bottom Thomass (Hoffenheim) Jack(off)Attack (SpvGG) and King Nil Miss (Frieburg) were relegated

Rest of Europe

Djerbil (Feyenoord) emerged victorious here, seeing off the challenge of TorresMagic (Sporting CP) on points (125-74). The trap door beckons for Jaga Bonito (CSKA Moscow) Patrick Star/Super Oscar Babay (Partick Thistle) and Siva Mohan (Benfica). On another note JK (Ajax) broke the habit of a lifetime and managed to avoid relegation from the Council leagues

Summary of Season 3



La Liga – Athletic Timbo

Ligue 1 – GoonerByron

Serie A – Facer

Bundesliga – Billy Ketsu

R.O.E – Djerbil


EPL – Doosra, Light, Knight, 1966

La Liga – Declan, Grubs, Back to Back Ballacks

Ligue 1 – King Eric, The Kuqi Monster, Il Fantasia

Serie A – Portugese&Proud, ReinaMan, Bowstring

Bundesliga- Thomass, JOA, Kin Nil Miss

Rest Of Europe – Jaga Bonito, Siva Mohan, Pattrick Star/Super Oscar Baby

Overall Top Scorer – Beric (1276)


Now to the major announcement. Many have asked about the next season of the leagues and when they will start. The answer is, they won’t. The Council leagues will be not be returning for a 4th season, at least not in the current FPL season due to lack of interest and activity. At this point we offer no guarantee that they will return at all, as they require a great deal of time and effort to get up and running. We will still aim to bring you one off tournaments like the Beach Soccer World Cup, ICC trophy, but the future of the leagues remains unclear. We thank you all for your support of the leagues and hope that you will continue to involve yourselves in future FFS UEFA offerings

The FFS UEFA Council (TW, JK, Isacki, Parmtree, Pratik, Billy Gilmore)



  1. Awww this is very sad news 😦 may have not had much banter this year but I regularly checked my progress throughout the year! I take it Europa/CL aren’t happening either? Was so happy to have qualified haha!!

    • Thanks for all the work that you’ve done throughout the past few years btw 🙂

      • It’s not only banter, I have had so much work that I can’t even do periodic updates on time. It’s been really tough balancing work and these updates…I need a little time in which I will try and build an automatic system which would reduce these problems in the summer. Then we can relaunch it in the summer.

        Btw I think we will still have the CL/Europa Leagues, but not sure…

  2. Cheers for all the hard work you lads put into all this. It’s been fun and vry much appreciated.

    • Thanks mate….Cheers 🙂

      We will try and have a competition in the CL/Europa, and the WC which I feel would be awesome….I think shorter competitions tend to be more fun anyways.

  3. Thanks a lot for the fantastic effort you’ve made over the last few years with these leagues. It’s been a good laugh no matter how often I get relegated 😕

    PS That final result left me shouting “Count!” Star Trek style from in front of my laptop (for those not nerdy enough

  4. Thanks for the hard work, Council — was fun for us and tons of work for you all.

  5. Understandable. Now wheres Doos, I have a Tea Cup to organise.

    • The Tea leagues aren’t going to stop are they?! I love the promotion/relegation side of them, I’d love for it to continue. With a bit more advertising on the boards we could get lots more interest.

  6. It’s such a shame, I was enjoying the banter with my opponents. Thank you for all the effort guys. (I hope UCL goes ahead!)

  7. Thanks Guys for all your efforts. Looking forward to WC this summer!

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