FFS World Cup 2014 – Pilot

Let’s shake it up this summer!

Geeks and geezers alike,

Summer’s here! And that means, no FPL distraction. But should that mean no distraction from fantasy football? Not at all. With the world’s biggest footballing event set to commence, we are delighted to announce latest in the series of the FFS UEFA team competitions

Wake up managers. Presenting to you – FFS World Cup 2014.



Participating in the World Cup are 32 countries, just imitating the real tourney. Each country has 5 team members each, who play every matchday. Each team is led by a captain and vice-captain.

The schedule itself is guided by the World Cup fixtures, while the scoring for individual players will be based on the McDonalds Fantasy game.

Sounds pretty similar to past team events, doesn’t it?

Here’s the twist in the gameplay:

The scoring of each team won’t be based on sum of 5 player scores. It will be based on the position in which they’re playing. Each team has 5 different playing positions – GK, Def, DM, AM and ST. 

The captain and the vice-captain decide on its formation before every matchday (ie. who plays in what position). Goalkeeper position is fixed throughout the cup. The remaining positions are dynamic. Then it becomes a compilation of 5 H2H games every matchday (Davis Cup style) – GK vs ST; Def vs AM; DM vs DM. A h2h win is considered as goal scored for the team.

You can always refer to the Cup Spreadsheet for more details

How can you join the fun?

Each team captain decides who we wants in his team. So from now until the 29th of May, those interested in becoming captains, can drop their name down in the registration link.

Once the captains are announced on the 30th of May, the scouting period for team members begins.

Join the fun!


FFS World Cup Hosting Panel

(Bonz, Billy, ENR, Isacki, Milanista, The Shadow, Shipstontrev, Zep)

Disclaimer – The Panel reserves the right to modify rules if deemed necessary.


7 thoughts on “FFS World Cup 2014 – Pilot

  1. This is awesome, nice one lads!

  2. Very nice. Good work, all! 🙂

  3. oooooh, shiny 🙂

  4. Awesome! Great work!
    Cant wait! 😀

  5. Fantastic! Well done lads and thanks for making this game.

  6. Was waiting for FFS UEFA game. 🙂 Will be very happy to be part of it.

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