FFS World Cup 2014: Scouting Period


When you’re playing for your country, it’s more than just a game of football.


Following last week’s launch of the FFS World Cup 2014, we opened the game for captain applications. We would like to thank all the 48 applicants, who took the bold leap of faith towards captaincy. For those of you who applied to be captains but were not chosen, you can still participate in the game. If you were wanting more of a leadership role, feel free to talk to a captain and see if they could have you as a vice-captain.

Captains Announced

After a series of intense discussions and drinking sessions in Brazil, the panel is proud to present the much-awaited list of captains:

Group A (Host: Isacki)

Brazil – Zep

Croatia – Rodeo

Mexico – El Nino Rules

Cameroon – Konig_Luther

Group B (Host – Bonz)

Spain – Thomass

Holland – Saniul

Chile – Innsie

Australia – Aaron Ramessi

Group C (Host – Shadow)

Colombia – Billy Gilmore

Greece – Berbagod (TotalFPL team)

Ivory Coast – Isacki

Japan – Billy Ketsu

Group D (Host – Billy Gilmore)

Uruguay – Bonz

Costa Rica – 7shadesofsmoke

England – SuperDunny

Italy – Welbztree

Group E (Host – Shipstontrev)

Switzerland – Canadian Football

Ecuador – Blue Lion

France – Goonerdhanesh

Honduras – DGWS should be on every week

Group F (Host – Milanista)

Argentina – Count of Monte Hristo

Bosnia – Daniel

Iran – Marr

Nigeria – The Missing Link

Group G (Host – Zep)

Germany – SW6

Portugal – John Terry’s Dog

Ghana – Nate

USA – Shadow

Group H (Host – Elninorules)

Belgium – Shipstontrev

Algeria – Palace Ash

Russia – Pepin

Korea Republic – HeyDudes13

Please join us in congratulating the captains.

How can you join the fun?

Starting immediately, the captains are allowed to begin recruiting for their 5 team members, including the captain. Each team captain decides who we wants in his team from now until the 11th of Jun. So those interested in joining a team, please approach the respective captain.

You can always refer to the Cup Spreadsheet for more details and to keep up to date with the recruiting.

Special Feature:

For those who played in the Beach Soccer World Cup, you would remember the Live Scorecast developed by Pratik. You will be delighted to know that Pratik along with Isacki are looking to develop something similar for this game. Stay tuned!

Best of luck to all teams. Let the madness begin!

FFS World Cup Hosting Panel

(Bonz, Billy, ENR, Isacki, Milanista, Pratik, The Shadow, Shipstontrev, Zep)


One thought on “FFS World Cup 2014: Scouting Period

  1. French team have always done wonders in every 2nd world cup [every 8 years ]they played. Winners in 98, Runners up in 2006.. So am hopeful of something similar from Les Blues. Co-incidence or not, I am announced as the captain of French team for the World cup game here in FFS UEFA for which am very happy and proud.

    So if any of you folks want to join my team, surely reply here or send me a mail to goonerdhanesh@gmail.com

    Surely looking forward to the replies and building a more than decent enough team to compete.

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