The Rendezvous

In the likely event that FFS crashes in the hours leading up to the first deadline of the year, come join us over here until it comes back online! (or feel free to stick around to avoid the endless pages of RMTs from the gravless)




115 thoughts on “The Rendezvous

  1. Sup guys we all set? 🙂 not gonna overthink the team at this stage, especially the defence

    Foster/ Krul
    Rio/ Chester/ Naylor/ Huth/ Moore
    Mata/ Silva/ Hazard/ Siggy/ Albrighton
    Sturridge/ Jovetic/ Rooney (c)

    • no ramsey?
      and how’d you pick jovetic over dzeko?
      defense cheap as chips but overall team looks pretty good

      • Just going on preseason form for Jovetic, but by no means confident of long term stability 😀 gonna go without Arsenal just to see how they play for the first few games. Defence is woeful but rotation is average and it’ll change after a while

  2. how’s it look?

    terry pva ferdinand
    mata cesc ramsy siggy
    rooney (c) costa (vc) dzeko

    gilks, albrighton moore naylor

  3. Is Fletcher nailed?

  4. Here’s my final draft lads

    Terry, Wisdom, PVA
    Sterling, Mata, Ramsey, Siggy
    Costa, Rooney(c), Dzeko

    Subs: Faurlin, Moore, Clyne

    Any improvements to be made?

  5. Bojan or Fletcher for GW1

  6. What do you make of Mourinho’s latest quotes?

    Hazard OK?

  7. Begovic – Hamer
    Cahill – Clyne – Hutton – Coloccini – PVA
    Ramsey (vc) – Mata – Sterling – Eriksen – Davis
    Rooney – Costa – Austin.

    And hence, I am finally ready. 🙂
    Care to comment?

    • prefer moore or wisdom over hutton
      how’d u pick colo over other 4.5’s?

      good to go I think. thoughts on mine above?

      • I chose Hutton because he rotates well with Clyne. I wish I had the 0.5 for Vlaar, but I surely want a 5m fifth mid.

        And Coloccini for the same reason. Newcastle look solid, and they rotate well with Sunderland.

  8. Surely Hazard will start. Otherwise, with the Brazilians and Germans who are less ready than Hazard, he ends up having to play Salah and Torres / Drogba

  9. good luck everyone!

  10. Why everybody doesn’t have Yaya…… wow

    He is the most essential player. Best player from Man City

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