Team Allocation

After many hours of hard work, the Council is glad to announce the team allocation for the first season of our leagues. The moment of truth awaits each and every manager. While we hope that you are all happen with your team allocation, we know that some will be elated with the team they receive and others will be disappointed. For this reason we will allow managers to swap teams if they chose to do so. Swapping between leagues is also possible. After both parties are satisfied with the swap, they can mail us at regarding it. Teams involved in Rest of Europe can even request a change in team name. For eg -: Acquafresca requested a change from Olympiakos to Panathinaikos. Results of the change are evident in this post itself.

The swapping deadline is Saturday 11.30 GMT…….Ring a bell. 🙂

Now before I announce the teams, I ask of you all to please try to keep most of the discussion on this post so that we don’t dominate discussion on FFS.

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Rough Outline

So with the pressure on the UEFA council to deliver something equally exciting for fpl, this is what we have come up with. So without further ado, let me lay out the big picture (Version 1.4) -:

a) We get 5 leagues started based on – EPL, Serie A, La Liga, Ligue 1, Rest of the World (Parmtree has recently pointed out that Bundesliga has only 18 teams, hence the change)

b) All 5 of these leagues host the popular 1-1 format. During the registration, you will be asked to choose your top 5 teams in order of preference. POINT SCORING IS BASED ON THE OFFICIAL FANTASY PREMIER LEAGUE GAME.

c) It is scheduled for either half the year – gw1 to gw 19 (Half of the year). This helps in implementing relegation, selecting teams for CL etc.

d) Now the plan is that both the Champions League and Europa, take their participants from here.

Proposed format for qualification

UCL -: a) top 5 teams in each league – 5×5 + A(Set of 7 teams)
Europa -: b) next 5 teams in each league – 5×5 + B(Set of 7 teams)

A and B are a set of teams chosen by the council. Past winners – ENR(UCL) + Duffman(Europa) if they have not qualified automatically will be a guaranteed selection as one of the teams.

Rest can be new members, league members, special contributors, scout-team members or even UEFA council members but they only have 14 seats to fight for.
To keep things interesting for people at the lower half of the table, we were thinking that the bottom 4/5 teams will not be allowed for the selection to the UCL or the Europa under any circumstances. NO EXCEPTIONS.

As per popular demand, enjoy the Stoke vs Madrid, you will not be re-assigned a team for the UEFA CL/Europa.

e) The fixtures and scores displayed live in a table for each league….This table will be in the format of A vs B. So it will be much easier to read. Think of it like the fpl table with sliders and all. Something like-:

Arsenal – 32 vs 48-Sunderland
Manchester City – 52 vs 38-Tottenham
QPR – 42 vs 68-Man Utd
Previous Gw Upcoming Gw

We will also have a league standings table. Once every gameweek is done, the standings will automatically be updated for all the leagues. This league table will be sorted by default for pts, just like any other premier league table.

f) We are likely to move the site to wordpress as it offers a much more superior and intuitive interface. This site will have entries, polls, thoughts, of the community. WordPress has guest member login privilege which will allow members like Light Knight, Isacki, Doos, Snowy, Gaz etc to post stuff directly on the site even though they may or may not be a member of the UEFA council. It also has a great commenting system. (This site – Fantasy Football Scout is also built on wordpress)

In conclusion

Please discuss and add comments directly here.