Many thanks to everyone who participated in this season of the Council leagues. We have a major announcement to make. But first,  it’s time to take a look at the winners and losers in all of them

Premier League

FFS favourite and one of the best FPLers out there, EVS (Swansea) was crowned champion yet again after a thrilling season. Pushed all the way to the line by Beric (Everton) and ENR (Chelsea) EVS showed his class to emerge victorious on points difference scoring 178 to 92 (Beric) and 77 (ENR). Congratulations to EVS.

At the other end of the table disaster befell 1966 (Southampton) Light Knight (Norwich) and FFS legend Doosra (West Ham) who suffered the ignominy of relegation. This will be especially hard for Light Knight who lost a winner stays up tie with Count of Monte Hristo (Manchester United)

La Liga

In another close fought battle Athletic Timbo (Athletic Bilabao) triumphed of Ryan (Espanyol) again on points  (201-84). Down at the bottom, relegation befell Grubs (Villarreal), Declan (Getafe) and Osasuna (B2BBallacks)

Ligue 1

Congratulations to GoonerByron (Toulouse) who takes the title by 3 points from Boom Boom (Montpellier). At the other end it was the drop zone for King Eric (Evian) the Kuqi Monster (Reims) and Il Fantasia (Sochaux)

Serie A

FFS resident phyiso Facer (Hellas Verona) was triumphant here by just a single point from Dogba (Catania) whilst we saw Portugese&Proud (Genoa) ReinaMan  (Chievo) and Bowstring  (Torino) relegated


Another close battle as Billy Ketsu (Hertha Berlin) saw off Lateriser12 (Dortmund) by just a single point. At the bottom Thomass (Hoffenheim) Jack(off)Attack (SpvGG) and King Nil Miss (Frieburg) were relegated

Rest of Europe

Djerbil (Feyenoord) emerged victorious here, seeing off the challenge of TorresMagic (Sporting CP) on points (125-74). The trap door beckons for Jaga Bonito (CSKA Moscow) Patrick Star/Super Oscar Babay (Partick Thistle) and Siva Mohan (Benfica). On another note JK (Ajax) broke the habit of a lifetime and managed to avoid relegation from the Council leagues

Summary of Season 3



La Liga – Athletic Timbo

Ligue 1 – GoonerByron

Serie A – Facer

Bundesliga – Billy Ketsu

R.O.E – Djerbil


EPL – Doosra, Light, Knight, 1966

La Liga – Declan, Grubs, Back to Back Ballacks

Ligue 1 – King Eric, The Kuqi Monster, Il Fantasia

Serie A – Portugese&Proud, ReinaMan, Bowstring

Bundesliga- Thomass, JOA, Kin Nil Miss

Rest Of Europe – Jaga Bonito, Siva Mohan, Pattrick Star/Super Oscar Baby

Overall Top Scorer – Beric (1276)


Now to the major announcement. Many have asked about the next season of the leagues and when they will start. The answer is, they won’t. The Council leagues will be not be returning for a 4th season, at least not in the current FPL season due to lack of interest and activity. At this point we offer no guarantee that they will return at all, as they require a great deal of time and effort to get up and running. We will still aim to bring you one off tournaments like the Beach Soccer World Cup, ICC trophy, but the future of the leagues remains unclear. We thank you all for your support of the leagues and hope that you will continue to involve yourselves in future FFS UEFA offerings

The FFS UEFA Council (TW, JK, Isacki, Parmtree, Pratik, Billy Gilmore)


FFS UEFA Rest of Europe – The Story So Far, and what’s next?

It’s fair to say it’s been an interesting FPL season so far. Injuries, hits and wildcards have been plentiful as managers struggle to deal with the breaks. But what has all this meant for the FFS UEFA leagues. Let’s take a look at the Rest of Europe in brief. Continue reading


FFS UEFA is pleased to announce that the following managers have all been accepted for participation in Season 3.

The process of taking only the top 120 participants, leads to loads of good applicants naturally missing out. We just hope that you can continue being regular at FFS, giving us no choice, but to take you in before the onset of 4th Season, should you decide to apply again.  (Registrations during month of December). We’re truly sorry that you missed out this time around.

For those of you who made it this season, we hope you are looking forward to the team allocations which will be announced later in the week (by the 13th if all goes according to plan).

Welcome to Season 3

Welcome to Season 3

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ICC Matchday 3 Preview – Group A

The more hotly contested of the groups, Group A still has everything to play for with all 4 teams, mathematically at least, still able to qualify, though for one team there doesn’t appear to be much hope.

Australia (2nd) v Spur Lanka (4th)

For Berbilly’s Aussies it’s really quite simple, win. Should they do that then they will be hoping that England fail to beat New Zealand. This is because, should England win then Australia’s inferior NRD (Net Runs Difference) would see them eliminated unless there was a 45 run swing in Australia’s favour, which given England will have won, seems unlikely. 2nd place looks like the best the Aussies can hope for

For Spur Lanka there’s nothing but pride on the line. Although they still have a mathematical chance to qualify, defeats to both England and New Zealand mean that even if they win it would require a massive 197 run swing to see them through

England (3rd) v New Zealand (1st)

Barring an unexpected win for Spur Lanka, nothing but a win will do for England. Even that may not be enough. Having lost to Australia England need to win or hope that Australia can’t beat Spur Lanka by enough runs to generate a 45 run swing against them.

New Zealand are all but there. Avoid defeat and they win the group. A loss would require a 96 run swing against them, this of course is not totally beyond the realms of possibility if they lose AND Australia win then New Zealand will hope that the damage is limited.

Team India Preview

Fresh of a victory over England in a warm-up match Team India, led by the maestro Zep, and his able assistants Pepin and Milanista head into their opening match-up against the unpredictable South Africans full of confidence. The Coaching team have assembled a crack squad featuring such luminaries as Parmtree, Unreal, former World Number 1 The Game, and both Captain’s Santon and Shirokov, amongst a whole cast of ‘elite’ stars.

Team India will likely go into the match full of confidence with both Tokyo Red and Captain Santon (JK) on wildcards, and with the Parmtree having 8 for this week’s double with a wildcard still to use. Throw in the hugely inform UnReal, along with TommyTour and EJ and you have a side that looks ready to go for victory

As well as Pakistan and South Africa, India also face pre-tournament favourites the West Indies, so all of Zep’s nous will be needed to guide his team through. But Team India is a strong united team, with it’s sights set on glory. Check back here next week to see if India triumphed of the dysfunctional South Africans pulled it together to come out on top.

This is JK reporting live from FFS ICC headquarters (the Council were too cheap to pay for anything)

EUROPA League Group D review Matchdays 1 & 2

1st Palermo (Mark) P2, W1, D1, L0, F129, A102, GD27, Pts4

The FFS Supremo can truly claim to be the master of all he surveys as he sits atop Group D after the first 2 rounds. GW1 saw a truly clash of the titans as Mark went head to head with Granville. But, in truth this turned out to be something of a damp squib as Mark romped to a 58-31 victory. His faith in Leighton Baines was finally rewarded as the Everton defender provided him with a 17 point haul and Juan Mata weighed in with 14. His Matchday 2 battle with Chris_White was truly epic as the two sides slugged out a 71 all draw. The home advantage for the Sevilla manager proved to be his saviour here. 2 virtually identical teams went to battle as Sevilla’s ‘Power 5’ plus Ba and Federici just held of Mark’s Podolski, Ba and Szczesny to claim what could prove to be a valuable point.

2nd Sevilla (Chris_White) P2, W1, D1, L0, F137, A113, GD24, Pts4

Sevilla have had a storming start to this Europa season. Matchday 1 saw them ease to a 66-42 victory over Feyenoord. We already know we have a Power Fiver, but Sevilla were aided further by Mr. L. Baines as well and despite the four point home advantage Feyenoord simply had no answer to such power. We have already seen what happened in Matchday 2

3rd West Ham (Granville) P2 W1, D0, L1 F100, A116, GD-16, Pts3

It has not exactly been a great season. More injuries than Kieron Dyer and Darren Anderton put together (if you require it, a full catalogue is available on request from the man himself) and then a humiliating defeat to Mark in Matchday 1 has summed up Granville’s season so far. But is a change of fortune afoot? OK, the Gameweek was marred by yet another injury, but Granville was handed a stroke of luck as Russell Martin’s unexpected Clean Sheet was ushered into his team as Guy Demel disappeared from West Ham’s squad without a trace (rumours have since emerged that a well known FFSer and Hammer’s fan currently has him locked in a basement) This, coupled with his four point advantage helped him to a much needed victory over Feyenoord with a near 30 point haul from Aguero, Gerrard and Fellain topping Feyenoord’s Podolski and Bale.

4th Feyenoord (Cabaye4) P2, W0, D0, L2 F100, A135, GD-35, Pts0

It can surely only get better for Feyenoord, but can it get much worse? Well, actually yes it could. After such an awful start, Feyenoord now face back to back Head to Head’s with Palermo that will make or break their whole campaign.

EUROPA League Group B, GWs 24 and 25 reviewed

Group B

1st – Athletic Bilbao (The Parmtree) PL2, W2, D0, L0, F118, A107, GD11, Pts6

A great start for Parmtree. A opening day win over JK was won in a crazy 30 second spell. With JK seemingly on for a miracle as Bale drew a blank, Turner sat on a Clean Sheet and Rafael sat on the United bench, allowing Davies to come in, everything suddenly changed. Rafael came off the bench for a cameo and proceeded to get booked, taking 6 points away, whilst Bale’s goal saw an 11 point swing for Parmtree, which, coupled with his home advantage, saw him home. The difference was just 5 points, but with Parmtree’s 4 point home advantage, it just wasn’t to be for JK. Parm took the tie 60-51

More impressive was Parmtree’s victory in Matchday 2, as he overturned a 4 point disadvantage to Super Zlatan to emerge victorious 58-56. Zlatan’s decision to take a 4 point hit, and thereby give up his 4 point advantage proved crucial here. Both men came in very similar teams, led by RvP © with the same midfield 4 of Mata, Walcott, Michu and Bale and both had Fletcher, with Clichy and Zabaleta claiming a point each. The crucial difference here was 2 players. Zlatan’s Harte and Suarez combination claimed 9 points, Parm’s Aguero and Pearce claimed 11, giving Parm his 2 point victory.

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EUROPA League Preview Groups B and D

With Europa League hostilities set to resume on Tuesday, current holder Duffman, manager of Standard Leige will be hoping to hold on to his crown. But, a whole host of challengers will be vying to take that crown from him. Here we examine the contenders and pretenders that make up Group B

 Athletic Bilbao – The Parmtree

Paris St. Germain – Super Zlatan

Newcastle United – China Mag

Maccabi Tel-Aviv – JKisthe1


Athletic Bilbao – (The Parmtree)vs Maccabi Tel-Aviv – (JKisthe1)

There is no doubt that this is an extremely tough group. The Parmtree had an excellent La Liga campaign and now finds himself gunning for EUROPA glory. With a wc active for GW24 he is a hard one to predict, though I expect his team to be based around the RvP, Aguero template. Parmtree can be a little inconsistent, but on his day he can beat anyone, but as we all know Head to Head’s can be unpredictable. Parmtree opens with a Council grudge match against JK, where the 4 point home advantage could prove crucial. Let’s be honest JK’s record in FFS UEFA competitions so far has been ordinary at best. A bottom placed finish in the groups of last season’s tournament was followed up by relegation from La Liga in FFS UEFA leagues season 1. Add this to the fact that he has been handed arguably the toughest group in the whole competition to try and put that right. Although on his day JK is a match for anyone, too often he has tried for that differential pick that just hasn’t worked and cost points. With his wc active, the question is, will JK opt to play safe and give himself a chance, or will he be unable to resist the pull of yet another differential punt? His chances may come down to this.

Crucial battle – Bale (Bilbao) v Fellaini (Maccabi)

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La Liga – The Final Countdown

So there are just 2 weeks left in the inaugural FFS UEFA League season and things are tense right across Europe as manager’s plan for their season finish, as well as preparing for the inevitable Christmas rotation and the start of the FPL cup. But today’s focus is on La Liga, and what remains to be decided. So let’s take a look at what’s what.



Only Billy Gimore’s Real Betis can prevent Boom Shakalka’s Deportivo from taking the title.  Deportivo have a 6 point lead, but Betis won the H2H.  If they can match Betis, they will be crowned champions this week. Should they fall to Malaga (Ajay) and Betis can overcome Real Zaragoza then the title would be decided on the final Gameweek where Depor would need simply to match Betis’ result to claim the title. Should they suffer a 2nd shock to Real Sociedad then a victory for Betis over Levante would see Betis take the title


Deportivo are already assured of a Champions League spot. The final 3 places will come from 3 of Betis (Billy Gimore) Malaga (Ajay) Sevilla (Chris White) Real Madrid (Demi) and Granada (Green Windmill). A win for Betis this week assures their qualification, and even a point may be enough depending on other results. Sevilla and Malaga know 6 points guarantees progress, but any slip ups could see Real or Granada sneak in. The remaining 2 will have to settle for the EUROPA.



Levante (Maximerised) are already relegated, so it’s farewell to Maximerised for this season. Getafe under Declan McCarthy look doomed as they sit 5 points adrift, anything other than 2 wins will see them drop, and even that may not be enough. Lose this weekend v Rayo Vallecano (Hillbilly Pete) and Getafe are down. That leaves 2 teams fighting to be in that precious 4th from bottom spot. Roscola’s Valladolid currenty sit in the relegation zone, but are just 2 from safety. The real shock is that, hovering just above him, is FFS UEFA’s own JK, whose Athletico Madrid side have, after a promising start, plummeted down the table in a manner similar to that of Blackpool or Hull. A win for Athleti over Mallorca and a defeat for Valladolid to Celta Vigo (BonZ) would see Valladolid relegated. Anything else and it goes to the final day where Athletic face Zaragoza and Valladolid face Mallorca. One major advantage for Roscola is his side’s H2H victory over JK meaning if he can get to parity he will survive. JK knows 2 wins ensures safety.


Key ties

Celta Vigo v Valladolid

Deportivo v Malaga

Real Vallecano v Getafe

Mallorca v Athletico Madrid

Real Zaragoza v Real Betis





La Liga GW4 Review

So a fairly poor week for most this week, unless, of course, you were lucky enough to have punted on Berbatov. Let’s look back at Gameweek 4 and see where it leaves us heading into the next few rounds

Athletico Madrid (JK) def. Vallecano (Hillbilly Pete) 43-35

After a GW 3 defeat to Billy Gilmore’s Betis it was back to winning ways for JK and his Athletico side. This tie was ultimately decided by 2 things. Firstly, Vallecano’s lack of a keeper following no shows from De Gea and Federici (whislt Athleti had Mignolet) and Baines and Davies scoring 10 to Ivanovic’s 6. This will not be a well remembered GW for either boss, but JK will no doubt have been the happier of the 2. Athletico face Valladolid, league leaders Espanyol and Malaga before we will meet again.  For Vallecano it’s Real Madrid, Valladolid and  2nd placed Deportivo.

Espanyol (Tangtastic) def. Bilbao (Parmtree) 52-49

Espanyol maintained their perfect start to the season (and leadership of La Liga) with a hard fought win. This tie was decided by one thing. Had Parm played Jaskelaainen over Mignolet he would have won, this despite the presence of 21 points from Bale and Kacaniklic for Espanyol. Bilbao’s defence beyond that far exceeded Espanyol’s and had Pienaar to throw into the mix. It was simply, Jussi who made the difference here, something I’m sure Parmtree is still kicking himself over. For Tangtastic Real Betis are up next, followed by Athleti and Valladolid. For Bilbao it’s Malaga, Real Sociedead and struggling Osasuna

Barcelona (TW) def Getafe (Declan McCarthy) 38-24

Barcelona romped to victory with lowest total of any team to collect 3 points, showing just how a poor a week Getafe had as they stumbled to a 3rd defeat in 4, whilst Barca claimed a 3rd win to leave them 4th. For Getafe only Cazorla and Tevez  managed to go over the 3 point mark, and this was another team caught by the De Gea/Federici pairing. For TW Pienaar, Baines and Hangeland pushed him over the line like Messi against some Russians. For Barca,  Granada and Sevilla lie in wait, before in GW7 we see El Classico as Demi comes to town. It doesn’t get any easier for Getafe as 3rd placed Deportivo are up next before matches with Mallorca and Zaragoza

Deportivo (Boom Shakalaka) def  Granda (Green Windmill) 43-41

Perhaps the closest off all the ties. This match was decided by 6 men, with Demel, Hazard and Michu outscoring Cuellar, Cazorla and Guthrie by the 2 points that separated these 2. Granada’s score would have won many of the other H2Hs this week, that is the luck of the draw and it leaves them still without a point. For 2nd placed Deportivo it’s Sevilla, followed by Real Madrid and Vallecano. For Granada, Barca are up next, before high flying Celta Vigo, followed by Mallorca

Malaga (Ajay) def Levante (Maximerised) 51-39

This win sees Malaga sitting inside the top 5, whilst Levante sit 19th, without a point to their name. Despite Kacaniklic, Ivanovic and Rafael for Leavnte, Malaga’s proved much too strong with Gibbs, Ivanovic, Cazorla, Fletcher and Pienaar all chipping in. Up next for Malaga is a tie with Bilbao followed by Betis and Athleti. For Levante, salvation could come in the form of a tie with fellow struggles Real Sociedad or Osasuna before a tie with Valencia

Mallorca (Emperikal) def Osasuna (Declan Quinn) 50-47

Another extremely close tie that ended in agonizing defeat for Osasuna and left them rooted to the foot of the table.  Though there was some subtle differences, the real difference here was Mallorca’s Bale vs Osasuna’s Pienaar, the difference in the scores of those 2 being the margin of victory.  Up next for Mallorca are Valencia before they face Getafe and Granada. For Osasuna a win is becoming a must and up next are Zaragoza followed by Levante and the Bilbao

Real Zaragoza (Scroobius Mac) def Real Sociedad (Yossi) 67-46

Zaragoza claimed their first win of the season with a comfortable win over Sociedad. For Zaragoza the damage was done by a fantastic defensive perfomance by Schwarzer, Demel, Baines and Hangeland, supplemented by Bale and Berbatov. Sociedad had no answer despite the best efforts of Baines, Pienaar and Cazorla. For Zaragoza, bottom of the pile Osasuna are up next followed by Valencia and Getafe. For Sociedad it’s Levante, Bilbao and Betis

Sevilla (Chris_White) def Real Madrid (Demi) 38-33

Sevilla claimed the scalp of the FFS line-ups king in a close contest with Ivanovic and Hangeland ultimately triumphing over Schwarzer, there was otherwise little difference in these teams.  Up next for Sevilla is a trip to high flying Deportivo followed by Barca and Celta Vigo, a tough run for Sevilla. For Real Vallecano are next up followed a tough pair of fixtures with Deportivo, followed by El Classico

Celta Vigo (BonZ) def  Valencia (Drinky) 46-45

This could literally have not been any closer as Celta kept their impressive early season form up with the narrowest of wins. Jaaskelainen and Cashley proved the difference here, despite efforts from Ivanovic and Baines.  Getafe are next for Celta followed by Granada and Sevilla. For Valencia it’s Mallorca, Zaragoza and Levante

Real Betis (Billy Gilmore) def Valladolid (Roscola)  69-46

A cruise and a 3rd straight win for Betis while Valladolid remain rooted to mid-table.  Betis’ pick of Lowton proved to a masterstoke whilst Bale and Ruddy did their share to keep Betis flying high. For Valladolid the notable contributions came from Baines and Berbatov. Betis face a test to keep the run going though as they take on leaders Espanyol next followed by matches with Malaga and Sociedad. For Valladolid, Athletico Madrid are up next followed by Vallecano and then they must face the might of Espanyol