Europa League GW28 Writeups for Groups A, E, F & G


Group A

(Porkie) Fortuna Dusseldorf 80 – 72 Toulouse (Heco87)

Another win for Porkie cements his top of the table finish in the penultimate week, Heco87 meanwhile languishes at the bottom of the table with just the one win and no hope of getting through to next round.

With their defences scoring 15 – 11 and very similar frontlines, this tie was decided by captain choice. Porkie learned his lesson from last week and captained Bale while Heco87 did not, and captained Mata. (The only personnel difference at the front was Michu (3) Vs Lambert (2) which was neither here nor there).

(MegatronX) Sampdoria 79 – 83 Real Madrid (Demi)

A win away from home for Demi could prove crucial here. With top spot decided, second place will be between these two and Demi may well have clinched it,with a 3 point lead and the H2H won.

Again, very similar teams, with just two differences between their front eights but with both teams insightfully captaining Suarez, the tie was decided by Fletcher & Michu Vs RVP & Fellaini – no contest there. A valiant effort by Sampdoria’s extra heavy-hitter defence just wan’t enough to overcome the damage inflicted by Fellaini.

Dusseldorf lead the table on 12 points, leading Real Madrid by 3 points – but next week they face eachother. To take first place however, Real Madrid must beat Dusseldorf by more than 22 points – a tall order in what is likely to be a low scoring week. The H2H rule means that Sampdoria cannot take second place from Real Madrid, whatever happens. However the battle for pride of third place will be decided next week – if Toulouse win by more than 2 points they will take third place.


Mystic Björk’s Matchday 5 Visions (Europa, Group E)

♫ brrr-oooo-eee-up aaah-ya-leee-ooo-ih  

Welcome to Mystic Björk’s Group E, Matchday 5 Visions 

Even insane mystical pop princesses need a holiday and I’m no exception. These visions are draining, hence I missed last week. Thankfully, I’m back fully refreshed and ready to make some predictions about matchday 5.

KR Reykjavik (roscola) Vs Norwich (LightKnight)

My glorious home team are perched magnificently atop the group E table and a home game against the struggling, eccentric Norwich ought to help sustain them there.

It’s no secret that I’m very fond of Norwich’s far-from-the-norm approach; I made a career out of the same tack. It hasn’t been paying dividends lately but the big-fat-five-at-the-back approach seems well suited to this gameweek. Every one of those big hitters has a great fixture for 6-point goals. With the two most attacking defenders from the traditionally high scoring NLD, plus a rampant Baines against Reading and GJ against Wigan, there will never be a better week to prove the validity of the strategy. He also has Wilshere and Lennon for the NLD. Those back five will need to carry his strikeforce though; Benteke against City, and Fletcher against, well, anyone, don’t sound full of points.

It certainly won’t be plain sailing though. Reykjavik have plenty of potential, as long as the whole side turns out. If Evans, Sturridge don’t make it though, they may struggle.

Much will likely hinge on whether LightKnight continues his differential of differentials – flying Baleless. For Bale is clearly the man in form and represents Reykjavik’s biggest advantage in this tie.

Mystic Björk’s Vision: I think Norwich will captain Lord Leighton of Baines this week and another big performance from him against Reading will prove too much for Rekyjavik. Close, but this will be Norwich’s week.


Fiorentina (RoysCallerAnne) Vs Panathinaikos (Acquafresca)

Fiorentina could do with a win here to keep their title hopes alive. What are the chances of that? Against the unspeakably good form of Panathanaikos, slim. Let’s look deeper.

At the back, both teams look to be in a bit of trouble. Key battle here is Clichy Vs GJ. Score 1 for Panathanaikos, I feel.

It gets more interesting at the front.

F – 3 of: Sissoko, Puncheon, Suarez & Sturridge
P – 3 of: Michu, Schneiderlin, Podolski & Lambert 

Lots of good options there but you’d have to give it to Panathanaikos there on the form of Michu and Lambert. This doesn’t include their transfers though. Does one of them have a trick up their sleeve? Not one that can overcome the strength of Panathanaikos, I feel.
Mystic Björk’s Vision: A fairly comfortable away victory for Panathanaikos.