Information for Press conferences

Hey folks,

Good to know that the enthusiasm is running high for the competitions, both on here and on FFS.

As many of you will be releasing pressers over the course of the season, the council has decided to send out a brief guideline regarding pressers so as to create minimum confusion and maximum exposure.

  • Roughly speaking, simply post your press conferences either in the comments section on FFS or here, after that email us the link of the press conference at
  • Simply click the grey # button in the lower left corner of your posts on FFS to get the link of your comment or click the date and time on the comments on this website to get the direct link which will look something like this :
  • After you have emailed us the link, we will release all the pressers in one article daily
  • If the press conference is long, please avoid posting it on FFS and post it directly on here in the comments section

The above guidelines apply to key contributors and council members as well, there will be no separate posts for them.

A few people have expressed concern regarding the minimum number of pressers etc….Pressers aren’t mandatory, just strongly recommended in the spirit of the Cups. But generating banter is important, and it is this that keeps the spirit of these cups and leagues alive. It  differentiates this competition from other other straightforward fpl h2h leagues. So please take part in the banter, and don’t be nervous to take a shot at a presser. We are a genuinely great community, one that will not needlessly criticize.

Thank you.