Building Your Team

1) Bidding

There will be 10 Rounds of closed bidding (where no-one knows what anyone else has bid), with each round dedicated to a certain player position.

Before every round of bidding, each club can identify upto 5 targets and submit to UEFA. Retired players aren’t considered valid. Targets can be from outside England and Europe.

These targets will then be open for bidding to all the clubs.

Each club can bid for upto 3 players in each round (Note the minimum bid is 1 token)

The club that bids the highest tokens will win the player. After evaluating the successful winning bids:

– If the club exceeds its tokens budget, the most expensive successful bid (in tokens) will be considered void and goes to the club with the next highest bid. If this is unable to settle equal bids from the same team, the bidding order (1st, 2nd and 3rd) in the weekly submission shall determine the preference of each team

– Following the above, if the club exceeds its player position limit, the bidding order (1st, 2nd and 3rd) in the weekly submission shall determine the preference of each team

– Tie-breakers for equal winning bids on the same player
a) team with more tokens remaining
b) team with less players
c) coin toss

The “homeless targets” are NOT automatically carried forward into the next relevant round. Clubs have to nominate them again before the particular round, to indicate interest on the player.

2) Transfer Windows

There are TWO windows for transfer of players between clubs.

It could happen that there are two clubs with varying tokens budgets. Whilst one club aims to build its market value, the other team could aim to build its tokens budget.

A transfer happens when two clubs agree on the transfer fee (in tokens) for a player.

Player + Cash (tokens) deals are allowed

The negotiations can happen anywhere (through chat / email / FFS UEFA / FFScout)

The 2 owners inform FFS UEFA on the deal before the weekly deadline. FFS UEFA will then confirm the deal.

3) Release of Players

Each club can choose to release players at certain intervals as mentioned below. With a successful release, the original tokens spent on the player during bidding and the vacant position are made available in the following round. However in certain rounds, there is a penalty to pay.

From Rounds 2-4, each club can release players for free.

From Rounds 5-7, there is a penalty of 2 tokens per player released.

From Rounds 8-9, there is a penalty of 4 tokens per player released.

No release of players in Round 10 and the Transfer Windows are allowed

The released players will re-appear for bidding in the following relevant round


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