FPL Analyzer Refresh For 2014-15

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FPL Analyzer is a simple tool that adds some useful interactivity on your FPL team/transfer page. It can be used to visualize opponents on different gameweeks. In addition, it shows price, ownership and FISO/TotalFPL %NTI.

Some of you may already know about this tool from last season. Well, I’m happy to inform you that it is updated for 2014/15. You can start using it right away.

How to setup and use: http://fplanalyzer.com/

YouTube HowTo video: http://youtu.be/1wNjv1G_ijA

Be sure to follow @fplanalyzer, suggestions and feedback are welcome.


FPL Analyzer Tool

FPL Analyzer screenshot

When picking a team in FPL or transferring, there are a handful of stats that I need to check frequently. But checking a number of different websites, spread sheets etc. can be tedious. Also I think the FPL website is not very modern or dynamic, even though they launched a nice redesign at the beginning of 2012/13 season (if I am correct). So I thought, why not use some idle time and programming to create something which will make all information that I need available in one place?

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A Tale of Lap Dances and Extreme Valour

You can say that again.

It all started with a Vincent Kompany red card three seasons back when a certain poster entered the fray of the FFS community. Hauls of laughter and series of abuses were thrown at his endless rants. Really? You’re telling me this guy’s an honorable man?

A year later he soon came to be known as a rotation wizard, developing the most stylish FPL tools for the benefit of the community. Could he be an honorable man? Perhaps.

Then came the Euro’s and along with his Cup partner, The Light Knight, they devised the bomb of an initiative. Ever since, it has been engraved on FFS UEFA history as The Order of Extreme Valor. Maybe the rumours are true, he is an honorable man.

One should have at least seen the signs that he was indeed an honorable man when he got tempted into the appeal of lap dances at the hands of FFS celebrity Bemba Da. Ever since the incident happened, the man is known to seek medical counseling till this day.

His destiny was finally sealed when on a fine Saturday night, he decided to go camping at the delightful Norfolk lands in England. One would usually take lots of food, water and shelter supplies for camping and enjoy the scenic views of sunrise at the Norfolk. But the man decided to take his laptop and a mobile internet connection. To ensure the maniacal game (TWS) he had been organizing ran smoothly, we witnessed him drip the last minute of his laptop’s battery life for the sake of the game.

Without any further ado, FFS UEFA is delighted to announce that the inevitable has happened. Geezers, hope you will join us in welcoming the latest member of the Council.


Return of the Leagues!

The FFS Council is proud to announce that we will be bringing back the leagues for their third installment. If you want to skip the article, and go the registration form, click here -:  League Registration Form or else read on.

Brace Yourselves, Season 3 is Coming

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Loan spell over

Tally Ho,

hope you’re all having a tip-top weekend,

You’ve probably noticed my bonus predictions have popped-up on the ‘stock check’ articles on fantasyfootballscout, this was a casual discussion which went on for a while and while a seperate article on the site seemed a bit OTT for what are essentially just bonus predictions this seemed a decent compromise to make the predictions as easily viewable as possible.

This marks the end of my loan spell with the UEFA Council, hope you understand the switch, it’s purely about getting the predictions out to those who want them as quickly and as visibly as possible, therefore the bottom of a scout article seemed the optimum solution.

So long squires. x

The Chap Predicts: Gameweek 30

Merseyside Blue v Manchester Oil Barons

Osman 3, Fellaini 2, Mucha 1 (in the mix Baines, Coleman)

West Midlands Claret & Blues v London Hoops

Weimann 3, Agbonlahor 2, Jenas 1 (in the mix Benteke, Lowton)

South Coast Saints v Merseyside Red

Lambert 3, Rodriguez 2, Schneiderlin 1 (in the mix Coutinho)

Staffordshire Hoofsters v West Midlands Navy & White stripes

Odemwingie 3, N’Zonzi 2, Ridgewell 1 (in the mix Shawcross)

Welsh Hipsters v North London Red

Monreal 3, Gervinho 2, Jenkinson 1 (in the mix Cazorla)

Manchester Red v Berkshire Blue & White

Rooney 3, Ferdinand 2, Giggs 1 (in the mix Smalling)

North East Red & Whites v Norfolk Yellow

Gardner 3, Hoolahan 2, Snodgrass 1 (top two very tight) (in the mix Larsson)

North London White v West London White

Berbatov 3, Riether 2, Ruiz 1

West London Blueskis v East London Bubble Blowers

Hazard 3, Lampard 2, Mata 1 (in the mix Azpi, Cech, Cahill, Cole, Ramires)

The Lancashire Pie-Boys v North East Zebras

Beausejour 3, Santon 2, Kone 1 (in the mix Maloney) (top two very tight)

The Chap Predicts: Gameweek 29

Norfolk Yellows v South Coast Saints

Schneiderlin 3, Snodgrass 2, Cork 1 (in the mix Boruc, Shaw, Turner, Bassong) (low and tight)


London Hoops v North East Red & Whites

Townsend 3, Remy 2, Fletcher 1


Berkshire Blue & Whites v West Midlands Claret & Blue

Agbonlahor 3, Benteke 2, Guzan 1 (in the mix Weimann, Westwood)


West Midlands Navy & White stripes v The Welsh Hipsters

Lukaku 3, McAuley 2, Ridgewell 1 (in the mix Morrison) (have them all 1ppi apart so very tight)


North East Zebras v Staffordshire Hoofsters

Cisse 3, Cabaye 2, Debuchy 1 (2 and 1 could go either way)


Merseyside Reds v North London Whites

Vertonghen 3, Suarez 3, Downing 1 (in the mix Gerrard)


The Chap predicts: Gameweek 27

West London Whites v Staffordshire Hoofsters

Berbatov 3, Riether 2, Schwarzer 1 (in the mix Senderos, Hangeland)


North London Reds v West Midlands Claret & Blues

Cazorla 3, Monreal 2, Weimann 1 (in the mix Wilshere)


Norfolk Yellows v Merseyside Blues

Holt 3, Kamara 2, Osman 1 (in the mix Snodgrass, Bassong)


London Hoops v Manchester Reds

Rafael 3, Giggs 2, Ferdinand 1 (in the mix Carrick)


Berkshire Blue and Whites v The Lancashire Pie-Boys

Kone 3, Figueroa 2, Beausejour 1


West Midlands Navy & White stripes v North East Red & Whites

Lukaku 3, Ridgewell 2, Sessegnon 1 (in the mix McAuley) (close between 2,1 and 0)


Manchester Oil Barons v West London Blueskis

Silva 3, Yaya Toure 2, Tevez 1 (3 and 2 very tight)


North East Zebras v South Coast Saints

Sissoko 3, Lambert 2, Cabaye 1, Cisse 1 (in the mix Debuchy) (close between 2,1 and 0)


East London Bubble Blowers v North London Whites

Bale 3, Caulker 2, Sigurdsson 1