FPL Analyzer Refresh For 2014-15

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FPL Analyzer is a simple tool that adds some useful interactivity on your FPL team/transfer page. It can be used to visualize opponents on different gameweeks. In addition, it shows price, ownership and FISO/TotalFPL %NTI.

Some of you may already know about this tool from last season. Well, I’m happy to inform you that it is updated for 2014/15. You can start using it right away.

How to setup and use: http://fplanalyzer.com/

YouTube HowTo video: http://youtu.be/1wNjv1G_ijA

Be sure to follow @fplanalyzer, suggestions and feedback are welcome.



Many thanks to everyone who participated in this season of the Council leagues. We have a major announcement to make. But first,  it’s time to take a look at the winners and losers in all of them

Premier League

FFS favourite and one of the best FPLers out there, EVS (Swansea) was crowned champion yet again after a thrilling season. Pushed all the way to the line by Beric (Everton) and ENR (Chelsea) EVS showed his class to emerge victorious on points difference scoring 178 to 92 (Beric) and 77 (ENR). Congratulations to EVS.

At the other end of the table disaster befell 1966 (Southampton) Light Knight (Norwich) and FFS legend Doosra (West Ham) who suffered the ignominy of relegation. This will be especially hard for Light Knight who lost a winner stays up tie with Count of Monte Hristo (Manchester United)

La Liga

In another close fought battle Athletic Timbo (Athletic Bilabao) triumphed of Ryan (Espanyol) again on points  (201-84). Down at the bottom, relegation befell Grubs (Villarreal), Declan (Getafe) and Osasuna (B2BBallacks)

Ligue 1

Congratulations to GoonerByron (Toulouse) who takes the title by 3 points from Boom Boom (Montpellier). At the other end it was the drop zone for King Eric (Evian) the Kuqi Monster (Reims) and Il Fantasia (Sochaux)

Serie A

FFS resident phyiso Facer (Hellas Verona) was triumphant here by just a single point from Dogba (Catania) whilst we saw Portugese&Proud (Genoa) ReinaMan  (Chievo) and Bowstring  (Torino) relegated


Another close battle as Billy Ketsu (Hertha Berlin) saw off Lateriser12 (Dortmund) by just a single point. At the bottom Thomass (Hoffenheim) Jack(off)Attack (SpvGG) and King Nil Miss (Frieburg) were relegated

Rest of Europe

Djerbil (Feyenoord) emerged victorious here, seeing off the challenge of TorresMagic (Sporting CP) on points (125-74). The trap door beckons for Jaga Bonito (CSKA Moscow) Patrick Star/Super Oscar Babay (Partick Thistle) and Siva Mohan (Benfica). On another note JK (Ajax) broke the habit of a lifetime and managed to avoid relegation from the Council leagues

Summary of Season 3



La Liga – Athletic Timbo

Ligue 1 – GoonerByron

Serie A – Facer

Bundesliga – Billy Ketsu

R.O.E – Djerbil


EPL – Doosra, Light, Knight, 1966

La Liga – Declan, Grubs, Back to Back Ballacks

Ligue 1 – King Eric, The Kuqi Monster, Il Fantasia

Serie A – Portugese&Proud, ReinaMan, Bowstring

Bundesliga- Thomass, JOA, Kin Nil Miss

Rest Of Europe – Jaga Bonito, Siva Mohan, Pattrick Star/Super Oscar Baby

Overall Top Scorer – Beric (1276)


Now to the major announcement. Many have asked about the next season of the leagues and when they will start. The answer is, they won’t. The Council leagues will be not be returning for a 4th season, at least not in the current FPL season due to lack of interest and activity. At this point we offer no guarantee that they will return at all, as they require a great deal of time and effort to get up and running. We will still aim to bring you one off tournaments like the Beach Soccer World Cup, ICC trophy, but the future of the leagues remains unclear. We thank you all for your support of the leagues and hope that you will continue to involve yourselves in future FFS UEFA offerings

The FFS UEFA Council (TW, JK, Isacki, Parmtree, Pratik, Billy Gilmore)

FPL Analyzer Tool

FPL Analyzer screenshot

When picking a team in FPL or transferring, there are a handful of stats that I need to check frequently. But checking a number of different websites, spread sheets etc. can be tedious. Also I think the FPL website is not very modern or dynamic, even though they launched a nice redesign at the beginning of 2012/13 season (if I am correct). So I thought, why not use some idle time and programming to create something which will make all information that I need available in one place?

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FFS UEFA is pleased to announce that the following managers have all been accepted for participation in Season 3.

The process of taking only the top 120 participants, leads to loads of good applicants naturally missing out. We just hope that you can continue being regular at FFS, giving us no choice, but to take you in before the onset of 4th Season, should you decide to apply again.  (Registrations during month of December). We’re truly sorry that you missed out this time around.

For those of you who made it this season, we hope you are looking forward to the team allocations which will be announced later in the week (by the 13th if all goes according to plan).

Welcome to Season 3

Welcome to Season 3

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Return of the Leagues!

The FFS Council is proud to announce that we will be bringing back the leagues for their third installment. If you want to skip the article, and go the registration form, click here -:  League Registration Form or else read on.

Brace Yourselves, Season 3 is Coming

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Premier League Exclusive – February Awards

Welcome to the monthly exclusive of FFS Premier League Awards! As a reminder to all managers,


the FA Council will be giving away two awards – Manager of the Month and the Player of the Month. Being the best league in the world, this is an added motivation for the managers and players to get accreditation for their heroics.

It’s time to present our second set of awards, for the month of February 2013.

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Premier League Exclusive – January Awards

Welcome to the inaugural monthly exclusive of FFS Premier League Awards! As part of this monthly regular, the FA barclaysCouncil will be giving away two awards – Manager of the Month and the Player of the Month. Being the best league in the world, this is an added motivation for the managers and players to get accreditation for their heroics.

Manager of the month will go to the manager who has earned the highest number of PL points over the month. The tie breakers will be decided by the number of victories secured and number of FPL points scored over the course of the month. The player of the month will simply be awarded to the player-manager who has the highest number of FPL points secured over the month, whilst the tie breakers by the number of FPL transfers over the course of the month (fewer, the better).
And…now, it’s time to present our first set of awards for the month of January 2013.

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EPL Preview – GW23 Match of the Week: Clash Of The Contributors by Shipstonstrev

This GW has a very special matchup, weather permitting, in the EPL, with FFS heavyweights Granville (West Ham) facing Joe Lepper (spelt with 2 p’s!) aka Jonty (QPR) in what promises to be a close encounter. So where will the match be won and lost?

Jonty is currently on 1,261 points, just 18 ahead of his Man Utd fan rival. Both are on runs of 5 green arrows, although Jonty’s average over the last 3 GWs is 83 compared to Granville’ s 69. However what could be the crucial difference here is that while Jonty used his Winter Wildcard last GW, Granny has activated his this week in time for the Arsenal and West Ham DGW.

Both managers already have Gibbs and Walcott, with the latter surely favourite for the armband. Jonty also has Jasskelainen and Demel. In last night’s FFS Podcast Granville indicated he might bring in Demel, but he also floated the idea of bringing in Jack Wilshere on the back of his performance against Swansea on Wednesday night. This is what the word punt was invented for.

Both managers have Mata, Michu and Fellaini, and Jonty also has Bale. The Wildcard gives Granville more flexibility however, such as picking a Man City forward at home to hapless Fulham to go with the decent score likely from Zabaleta. Hold on to your hats guys, this could be a corker!!!

Fixtures Available

The fixtures are now available so you can all have alook and see who your first opponent of the new season is!

The EPL fixtures are set to mirror those of the actual EPL, bar double gameweeks and blanks which have been adjusted accordingly, and bar the final gw (38) which has the same matchups as gw 20 so we have adjusted that accordingly (switched to gw 19 fixtures) so that every manager plays each other once in the course of the 19 gw season. All other leagues fixtures have been based off of these fixtures by a simple replacement method as it would have been far too difficult to match other leagues fixtures up too.

Welcome to the 18 new managers! We tried our best to give you your top choice team but that wasn’t always possible and we couldn’t reach some of you in time. Check the league tables or fixtures list to see which team you’ve been given.

Please join me in thanking Pratik for his tireless effort to get all the fixtures done and everything coded in such a short amount of time!!! He stayed up half the night finishing the code and is due the utmost praise and respect for everything he’s done to ensure the leagues run smoothly and successfully.

He has asked that if you see any mistakes that you let you us know, either by commenting here, emailing us at ffsuefa@gmail.com, or letting one of us know on ffs if you see us around so that he can fix the errors.

He wants me to let you guys know not to freak out about the tables, he says once the gameweek starts they will be fine but since they are set to automatically update that is why they are showing everyone with a 0-0 draw and thus 1 point a piece. He also says that the refresh button for gameweek scores will not work until the gameweek starts.

Best of luck to everyone in this new season!


Order of Extreme Valour- FFS UEFA EPL- Season 1 Award

At the end of the Euros, I found myself questioning whether I had lost sight of what truly made a manager valorous. We had guided Denmark to the FFS Euros semi final, a noble achievement in itself but what followed was unbearable. My co-manager took the lion’s share of the credit (so what if it was true) and departed for Italy for a new career at one of Serie A’s big boys. I could only find work at one of the EPL’s relegation scrappers. It was a dark time. I needed time to reflect and meditate (and do other things that bravery-judging Knights do) so I left Norwich with the instructions of keeping things tight at the back (admittedly they took the piss a bit) and departed for 6 months of wandering through the wilderness (settling for Birmingham but it’s close enough). I return now to declare that I have rediscovered my faith in the valour of my fellow managers and am ready to induct a new gallant member to the Order of Extreme Valour. Continue reading