Champions League and Europa League – Semi Finals

Congratulations to those managers who have progressed through the Quarter Finals of their respective competitions, and commiserations to those eliminated

Champions League:

Zep claimed the biggest scalp in the Quarters as he eliminated FFS favourite for the FPL crown, Evs, to set up an all-German Semi Final with Canadian Football’s Hannover 96. Fellow deadzoners, Jinswick and Valar Morghulis had the closest match across both competitions with Jinswick victorious by 2 points. MJ6987 proved the RMT computer wrong as he vastly outscored the predictions to beat 1966’s Southampton by 8 points. Canadian Football proved far too much for Optimus’ Liverpool side to prove even with limited time for fantasy football, with family taking precedence, it is possible to perform admirably. The semi finals are as follows and will take part over the next two game weeks, GW36 and GW37. The spreadsheet can be found here.


Twente (Jinswick) vs Atalanta (MJ6987)

Bayern Munich (Zep) vs Hannover 96 (Canadian Football)


Europa League:

Parmtree’s Bilbao, sometimes known for his drunken rages on FFS, romped to victory over the hapless US Pescara, as they and their manager, Goonerdhanesh had back-to-back shockers to hand Parmtree a 78 point victory. Epic Fail lived up to his name as he and his Villans fell to Aatish’s Benfica. Council member Pratik progressed after a 12 point victory over his countryman, AK. Resident “Elite” of the site, Acquafresca continued his impressive record in H2H competitions as he overturned a 13 point deficit from the first leg to record a victory over Super Zlatan’s PSG. The semi finals are as follows and will take part over the next two game weeks, GW36 and GW37. The spreadsheet can be found here.


Benfica (Aatish) vs Olympiakos FC (Pratik)

Athletic Bilbao (Parmtree) vs Panathinaikos (Acquafresca)


CL and Europa Quarter Final Draw

Benfica (Aatish) vs  Aston Villa (Epic Fail)
Manchester City (AK) vs Olympiakos FC (Pratik)
Athletic Bilbao (The Parmtree) vs US Pescara (Goonerdhanesh)
Paris Saint-Germain (Super Zlatan) vs Panathinkaikos (Acquafresca)
Twente (Jinswick) vs SpVgg Greuther Furth (Valar Morghulis)
Southampton (1966 – Eric was Born)  vs Atalanta (MJ6987)
Swansea City (Evs) vs Bayern Munich (Zep)
Liverpool (Optimus) vs Hannover 96 (Canadian Football)

Clearing the Air – CL and Europa Rules for the Knockout Stages

For those still in the CL and Europa, I wanted to correct a couple of common misconceptions.

First and foremost, if you haven’t noticed already, every stage of the knockouts besides the final consists of two legs. The player with the greater aggregate score over the two legs progresses.

People have asked if the 4 point home advantage rule still applies and the answer is no. Given that only aggregate scores are considered, adding 4 pts to the home team would cancel out over the two legs.

*Important* Please refer to the schedule to see when the games for each round are. The CL has several blanks (to spread out the games so the final is during gw 38) so please pay careful attention to this if  you are competing in the CL. It is important to note that the round of the 16 for the CL does not start until next gw.

Live Draw’s almost here!


Mighty congratulations to those who made it through to the knock-out stages of the Champions League and Europa League. To those who didn’t make the cut, you’ve got to pat yourself for having come this far to represent the best of your league. It’s now time for you to support the clubs from your country.

Having said that, we’re inching towards the eagerly awaited Live Draw.

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CL Groups A-D Matchday 6 Review by Shipstontrev

LIVERPOOL (Optimus) 48 beat HAMBURG (4Vets) 41

Optimus finished the Group Stage with an away win against 4vets to win the Group Of Death that was Group A. Just 7 points separated the two Liverpool fans, and Optimus’s choice of Suarez(C) proved the winning decision, as 4vets went with Benteke(C), and there was little else to choose between them, as they both had Bale and Sturridge.  4vets can rightly feel aggrieved to have come bottom of the Group, but at least he won two matches.

RENNES (Sarnab Wazza) 54 beat Atalanta (MJ6987) 46

Just 8 points in this tie, with Sarnab maximising his home advantage with the choices of Suarez(C), Bale, Sissoko and flair pick Loic Remy. MJ had the first two of these as well, and also picked Benteke. However he was one of those victims of the Jason Puncheon yellow card in the one minute he played fiasco. Nevertheless it is MJ who qualifies for the CL Knockout stage, leaving Sarnab to go into the Europa League draw.

FC TWENTE (Jinswick) 58 beat INTERNAZIONALE (Isacki) 54

Another away win for Jinswick, despite taking a 4 point hit, in his domination of Group B. The key decision for him this week was Suarez(C) over Bale, when Isacki went the other way. Jinswick scored with 2 Norwich and 2 from Newcastle in Bunn, Turner, Sissoko and Marveaux, and although Isacki got good points from Benteke, he just didn’t have enough to win this week and as a result goes into the Europa League draw.

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Champions League – Matchday 5 Review – Groups E-H by Berbilly Gilmore

Group E

Evian (King Eric) 68 beat Bayern Munich (Zep) 64

The practically dead team that is King Eric’s pulled off another victory this week. Failing to make changes in four of the last five weeks his decision to leave the armband on Suarez ever since the DGW came up trumps this week. RVP, Mata, Michu, Walcott and Davies were common to both sides. Both managers captained players their opponent did not own; King Eric, Suarez and Zep, Bale. In the end, the additional 14 points King Eric gained from Suarez’s hat-trick over Bale’s goal was enough to overcome Zep’s home ground advantage and additional man.

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CL Permutations

I have done my best to determine different possible scenarios and results.  Best of luck to all! – Except LR who needs to lose ;).

A special thanks to Ginkapo and Kaz who helped with the permutations for groups H and F respectively.

I have linked the the rules and tie-breakers and the group standings for your convienence.

Group A

MJ6987 (9 pts, GD +19) – A win or draw would certainly see him through. He will likely progress anyways as he has the best GD in the group

Optimus (9 pts, -2 GD) – A win or draw will see him through, though a loss will likely see him drop to 3rd or 4th place.

4vets (6 pts, -3 GD) – Is in need of a win to progress. If MJ wins, 4vets will be assure progression with a victory. If MJ loses, 4vets will need his GD to be better than one of MJ or Sarnab.

Sarnab Wazza (6 pts, -14 GD) – Needs to defeat MJ by 17pts to progress if Optimus wins. If Optimus loses, Sarnab will need to finish with a GD better than MJ or 4vets.

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Champions League Groups A-D Matchday 5 Review by Shipstontrev

LIVERPOOL (Optimus) 77 beat RENNES (Sarnab Wazza) 64

Optimus had an important win over Sarnab in the Group Of Death’s penultimate round. Both managers gave the armband to Gareth Bale, and both had FPL regulars Walcott, Mata and Michu, but Liverpool fan Optimus profited from having Suarez and Glen Johnson to go with Evra and Jaaskelainen. Sarnab got good points from Fellaini, Davies and Zabaleta, but his bench, including a certain suspended Russian, did not provide enough support as he ended up with only 10 players.

ATALANTA (MJ6987) 83 beat HAMBURG (4Vets) 76

A close match ultimately decided by Vice Captain choices in the absence of Sergio Aguero who had the armband from both managers. MJ went with Suarez and profited from Wigan’s porous defence, while Liverpool fan 4Vets opted for Bale. Both players had Walcott, Mata and Begovic and each had a player rarely seen in many teams, Azpilicueta for MJ and Clichy for 4Vets,

The final round of matches sees 4Vets at home to Optimus and Sarnab at home to MJ. Another two home wins will see the list of tie-breakers come into play to decide the qualifiers for the knockout stages.

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Champions League – Matchday 3+4 Review – Groups E-H by Berbilly Gilmore

Group E

Evian (King Eric) vs Aston Villa (Epic Fail)

Evian 89 beat Aston Villa 87

Both managers had Michu, Mata, Walcott and RVP in this match-up. GJ and Rafael both produced for Epic Fail, while Szczesny delivered for King Eric. While Epic Fail had the edge in the defensive department, it was King Eric’s decision to go with Suarez(c) and Gerrard as his Liverpool coverage compared to Epic Fail’s Sturridge(c). The home advantage was just enough to see King Eric victorious in this match.

Aston Villa 56 beat Evian 21

King Eric failed to make any changes to his team from GW26 as he was restricted to just 7 players in this one. Zabaleta produced the goods for King Eric, but was easily outshone after Rafael’s thunderous strike gave Epic Fail 15 points. The key differentials in attack were Epic Fail’s Bale and Mata to King Eric’s nobody, as Epic Fail’s 11 men ran amok over King Eric’s 2-2-2 formation.

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FFS UEFA Live Draw for Knockouts

Ladies, gents and Rukawa,

FFS UEFA Council is proud to announce the return of the much-anticipated Live Draw.

The Live Draw will decide the clashes for the knock-out stages starting from GW30 (for Europa) and GW31 (for CL).

This is a rather unique opportunity to be able to witness your destiny’s path to glory. You will also have once-in-a-lifetime privilege to be in the same room as UEFA President, Michael Platini (and throw abuses him at him if you wish).

Do not miss this golden chance!

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