Champions League and Europa League Live Draw Thursday April 10

Congratulations to the successful managers that have progressed to Quarterfinals of their respective competitions!

Also, please note that the rules on the Knockout Phase read as follows:

  • At this stage in the tournament, a team can be matched up against any of the other remaining teams
  • The home advantage doesn’t exist in this round, as it cancels out due to an aggregate score.
  • Teams will play each other over two legs with the highest aggregate score advancing to the next round
  • If matches are tied over two legs then the team who has scored higher points in the away fixture wins.
  • In the unlikely event of teams still tied, the team with the most goals over the 2 weeks wins (Penalty shootout)
  • In the unlikely event of teams still tied, the better ranked team wins.

We will be holding a Live Draw on Thursday April at 10pm FFS Time (GMT) on this google spreadsheet.

As with the previous Live Draw, you may use the “Chat” feature on the top right corner of the window to join in the banter. To chat, start with your FFS name, and then enter your comment.


CL Fixtures and Group Pages

As a new feature for this season’s Champions League and Europa League competitions each competition will have its own home page. The Champions League version can be found here. The pages for each group can be accessed by either clicking the group label above the group standings or through the menus at the top of the website (Europe > Champions League > 2013-2014 Season). There will also be a quick link to the competitions’ home pages on the right-hand side of our website’s home page.

Within the group page you will find the current standings in the group as well as any previous results as they happen as well as upcoming fixtures. Obviously the CL fixtures have now been released so be sure to check your opponent for this weekend. Please note the 4 point home-ground advantage that is present within the group stages.

Good Luck to all the participants and the Europa League participants, groups, pages and fixtures will be released early tomorrow.

Champions League Groups and Participants

Qualified teams/managers and their Champions League groups can be found below.

The top 4 from each league, in addition to the FA Cup Winner (Ryan) and last season’s CL winner (MJ6987) all automatically qualified for the competition while the remaining six spots were awarded by FFS UEFA based on merit and contribution.

Stay tuned for the fixtures to be released later today.

*please note that this competition begins gw 24*

Group A:

Manager Team
MJ6987 Atalanta
ENR Chelsea
Sporting Elche
Shipstontrev AS Monaco

Group B:

Manager Team
Ryan Espanyol
Dogba Catania
Super Zlatan Paris Saint-Germain
Epic Fail Aston Villa

Group C:

Manager Team
Evs Swansea City
Acquafresca Panathinaikos
Champ Nurnberg
Optimus Atletico Madrid

Group D:

Manager Team
Athletico Timbo Athletic Bilbao
Lateriser12 Borussia Dortmund
Jonty Hull City
roscola KR Reykjavik

Group E:

Manager Team
GoonerByron Toulouse
TorresMagic Sporting CP
ajay kl Malaga
FuzzyWarbles Tottenham Hotspur

Group F:

Manager Team
Facer Hellas Verona
Beric Everton
Just A Hat FC Basel
The Shadow VfB Stuttgart

Group G:

Manager Team
Billy Ketsu Hertha Berlin
Boom Boom Montpellier
Pepin Lazio
Isacki Sevilla

Group H:

Manager Team
Djerbil Feyenoord
Zep Bayern Munich
Giggs Boson Juventus
TW Barcelona

2013-2014 Champions League and Europa League

We know it’s last minute, but we figured that it’s better late than never!

After a long beak, we’re happy to announce that the Champions League and Europa League will be returning again this year, beginning gw 24 and following this schedule and these rules. Groups and fixtures for each competition will be released between now and Saturday.

As a side note, if anyone would like to help with group reviews, other write-ups, or in some other way, please drop us a comment as we could use your help to make these competitions even more fun!