Presser Awards – Round 1

The presser committee is proud to announce that we will be giving out awards to acknowledge some of the best pressers out there! If your presser does not win an award, keep trying as there will be another set of awards given out in a week or two. After the completion of the group stages, an overall winner(s) will be selected and they will receive automatic entry into the Europa League next time around and will also be in consideration for a spot in the next year’s Champions League.

We have received numerous great pressers so far, but if you want that spot you’re gonna have to make it good. So without further ado, the winners of this instalment of the awards are:

The overall winner and runner-up for this instalment are:

1st overall – Sporting

2nd overall – 4vets


The winners from the Champions League are as follows. Please remember to post CL pressers here.

1st CL – 4vets

2nd CL – Berbilly

3rd CL – ENR

Honorable mention- Ginkapo


The winners from the Europa League are as follows. Please remember to post Europa pressers here.

1st Europa – Doosra

2nd Europa – JK

3rd Europa – Tie between Roscola and TM245


FC Steaua Bucaresti – Press Conference

*camera cuts to plush lounge, where a scrum of men in leather jackets, and three ladies in Acquascutum raincoats can be seen necking russian champagne and scoffing nuts*

*the door to the side of the podium opens, and a guy, groomed to the last nostril hair and attired in a long, sweeping black Burberry coat; walks alone – almost dances – in patent leather shoes to the table, where there is an array of microphones*

*cameras flash, and a hush descends*

Laurenţiu Aurelian Reghecampf(for it is the Coach himself): Good morning, ladies and gentlemen of the press! I trust you find our hospitality satisfactory? *smiles grimly*

Reptile 1: Coach! I hear you are adopting a new formation for the forthcoming Europa matches?

L. R.: Well, Vasily, as you know, we favour a 343 in the domestic matches. However, the signing of Dempsey has given us a new option in this regard. *smiles charmingly, signals to the three ladies*

Female Reptile 1*swooning*: Laurentiu – you look very elegant today – is it true you were offered the job at West Ham?

L. R.*winks conspiratorially*: Cosmina, you know my heart belongs here! *F. R. 1 blushes furiously, and a rude noise is heard in the room* *L. R. raises an eyebrow, and silence descends* Besides, my good friend Mark Noble is in line for that job, when sense is granted by the D … God to the owners … Continue reading

Europa League Pressers and Team News

Since groups and fixtures have been announced, I thought now would be a good time to talk about pressers and team news because we are hoping you guys will start posting these ahead of your first set of matches!

As you guys know, Europa is more selective and more personal than the leagues. Therefore, we are expecting more from you guys. While not required, we are hoping you will all help add to the spirit of the Europa League in the form of Pressers and Team News. Have a look at last years pressers to see what we are hoping to replicate. Newman’s pressers were among people’s favorites :D.

You can contribute in really any way that you want, ranging from a very brief team news, to an extravagant presser like Newman and ranging from something more serious to something lighter and more humorous in nature. Whatever you decide to do,  we will appreciate it :D.

In order to expose the FFS community to the great atmosphere of the CL while making sure everyone can see your awesome pressers we ask you to follow the following simple process:

1. Post your presser/team news on FFS for people to enjoy!

2. Copy your presser/team news and post it on THIS ARTICLE in the comments section so that people don’t miss it and can respond to it at a later time if they want.