Cricket South Africa Preview by Daniel, The Special One

Who are we…?

We are the Saffers!!!!

Our motto: Mess with the best lose like rest.

Saffers rules on the FF field and on the comments field too. That is why nobody messes with them when commenting. Let’s start discussing the squad…

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Team Pakistan Preview by Shipstontrev

After a gallant performance in the warm-up game against New Zealand, Team Pakistan is fit and raring to go as the match against the Women’s Institute, sorry West Indies begins tomorrow.

The team is captained by 4vets, whose dedication to the cause is so great that he is out for a curry tonight. Hopefully the food will agree with him, as nobody wants their insides to turn into the Rawalpindi Express! Vice captain Hunter S Thompson is on his usual late season run of good form and is hotly tipped to do well this week.

The next four players in the batting order are all taking their Wildcards for the team, so FC Barcelona, regular FFS posters Crouch Potato and 1966 was a good year and the star of a recent Scoutcast Gigging Order.

This being a DGW, teams with 6 DGWers or more should do well, so Emperikal, Ajay-KL, Adnan (Boom Boom) and Sarnab should all have a chance of a good score, as should the Coach and Wicketkeeper Shipstontrev. So beware Doosra And The Differentials, Team Pakistan is coming to get you!!

New Zealand Team Selection

The opening day of the ICC having chalked up a very impressive “friendly” victory V Pakistan the team has been eagerly anticipating this GW33 tournament curtain raiser v Spur Lanka.

The friendly provided the Coach & Captain with some fantastic insight into the depth of the squad as both Ginkapo & Bonz sat in the players lounge orchestrating the 49 run victory whilst dancing the Haka, polishing that ring and eating freshly barbecued  NZ lamb  (we will not mention slurping for the duration of the match on happy juice).

With tails up and a full weeks rest, the selection committee spent a significant amount of time analyzing the previous weeks performances, the girth of DGW players whilst also looking to ensure the inclusion of a few differentials and we are very confident that after “tossing off”, we will smash the AVB loving losers!

Despite our earlier squad announcement, please note a slight adjustment as during late evening session we realised there was an oversight & had omitted a “wikky”!

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Team India Preview

Fresh of a victory over England in a warm-up match Team India, led by the maestro Zep, and his able assistants Pepin and Milanista head into their opening match-up against the unpredictable South Africans full of confidence. The Coaching team have assembled a crack squad featuring such luminaries as Parmtree, Unreal, former World Number 1 The Game, and both Captain’s Santon and Shirokov, amongst a whole cast of ‘elite’ stars.

Team India will likely go into the match full of confidence with both Tokyo Red and Captain Santon (JK) on wildcards, and with the Parmtree having 8 for this week’s double with a wildcard still to use. Throw in the hugely inform UnReal, along with TommyTour and EJ and you have a side that looks ready to go for victory

As well as Pakistan and South Africa, India also face pre-tournament favourites the West Indies, so all of Zep’s nous will be needed to guide his team through. But Team India is a strong united team, with it’s sights set on glory. Check back here next week to see if India triumphed of the dysfunctional South Africans pulled it together to come out on top.

This is JK reporting live from FFS ICC headquarters (the Council were too cheap to pay for anything)

Team Australia Preview

Team Australia in our crack training base in Castlemaine XXXX Island. Some of the barbies here are beyond belief.

G’day mates…

Well hello there from all of us. We’ve even attached a postcard above from our tough training camp. You can see all of us have been having a great time, though some of us are a little worse for wear from last night’s pre-tournament party – the four lads at the top were snapped around 4am after the 7th round of tequilas. I’m typing this from a laptop covered in silly string and party poppers with a dull headache and a serious case of the munchies. So, how are we doing? The mood in the camp is very relaxed with the experienced management team of Cap’n Berbilly, Vice Cap’n Giggs Boson and Coach TW not only running things with ease but covering all of our drinks! Cheers!

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