The UEFA Council

The Parmtree – The Prodigy

The Parmtree

Joined FFS: 2011/12 season
A man of few words but often when he speaks, he oozes fun and substance. There is no boundary to his imagination and creative prowess.

Past Achievements:
Co-organizing the FFS Europa League 2011/12 Cup, creating FFS Polls that draw interest, Punt Team of the week and his unique Bottom 5 League in 11/12 season and winning The Euro 2012′ pairs tournament with Milanista.

El Nino Rules – Inspired by Geeks and Geezers

Joined FFS: 2011/12 Season
The founder of UEFA and a household name amongst many in the FFS community ENR is a hot one to handle. Finishing inside the top 100 in his debut FPL season is something to tell the grand kids.
Past Achievements: Founding FFS UEFA & winning the FFS CL title (2011/12) with Chelsea.

TW – Give him some Pep!

TWJoined FFS: 2011/12 season.

A bundle of ideas and energy, TW will always be known for his unique press conferences as a Villareal manager in the 2011/12 season of the FFS CL.

Past Achievements: Was in charge of the Hall of Fame for the Champions League in the 2011-2012 season. Successfully predicted the monster haul of THE Walcott and convinced many FFSers to join him in the spoils. Coach, Australia (ICC).

Pratik – The Grand Dad

Joined FFS: Since Evolution

A true fantasy football FREAK! If you know of a Fantasy game, you’ll know Pratik will be there. Known in FFS for his witty and critical comments but from now on will always be known for the popular Live ScoreCast, and how he turns his geeky programming skills into managing these leagues.

Past achievements: Solid & consistent ranking over the past 4 FPL seasons. Vice-Captain, Spur Lanka (ICC).

P.S. – I just turned 21

JKisthe1 – The New Kid on the Block

He is the latest to pave is way into the council…..

Joined FFS – 2011/2012 Season

Best known for his write-ups on UEFA competitions, and love of an RMT JK has made the step-up to fully-fledged council member. Reaching as high as 14th in the EURO2012 game and 3k in the FPL, 2011-2012 has been a breakthrough season for JK

Past Achievments: Finishing inside 3.5k in 2011-2012 FPL, starting the Krohn-Delhi and Busquets Euro FF bandwagons. Finishing runner up in the FFS UEFA Friendly World Cup Team event

Berbilly Gilmore – The Oracle

Joined FFS: 2012/13 season

Move over JK, the newest kid on the block is here. The Strayian is joining the ranks. Omnipresent in the DZ he is always willing to offer advice, or engage in some friendly banter.

Past Achievements: Predicted the monster haul of Sir Aleksandar of Kolarov the night before he did it, and recommended it to fellow FFSers, who failed to take the advice. Captain, Australia (ICC).

Isacki – “analyze this”

IsackiJoined FFS: 2011-2012 season
Joining FFS in October after a disastrous start to his first serious FPL season, Isacki is a devoted believer in improvement through analysis – an inevitable result of ending up in science. Equally interested in both real and fantasy football tactics, he is gradually learning to meet with triumph and disaster and treat those two impostors just the same – apart from the final day Lukaku hattrick.

WHY? WHY????

Past Achievements:
* Co-founding the Valour Awards with The Light Knight during Euro 2012
* Jammily fluking his way into the top 8 knockout cup for McDonald’s Euro 2012
* Writing the rotation planner for FPL 2011/2012 & 2012/2013
* Designing and administering the TWS website


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  1. I’d like to be there too 😉

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