FFS FA Cup Final

The final of the FFS FA Cup will see Ryan’s Tranmere Rovers take on Fantasykid’s Luton Town


FFS FA Cup Team Allocations and Preliminary Round Draw

Thank you to all those who registered for the inaugural FFS FA Cup! We’re happy to say that everyone who registered (with a working link to their fpl history page) will be participating in this competition in one stage or another. We’re very excited to see this 552 strong competition kick off this weekend with the Preliminary Round!

The Preliminary Round Draw can be found here. Please note that the draw for each successive round will be announced midweek. Additional details about each round and the format of the tournament can be found in the main tab of that same spreadsheet.

And i’m sure you’re all interested in the Team Allocation which is broken up on a tier by tier basis. FFS Profile and FPL History links have been provided so you can figure out who your opponent is and scout out their team.

And please remember that the the rules for the competition can be found here.

We can’t wait for this competition to get going and we really appreciate all of your participation in it. Best of luck!


Over the past year and a half we’ve been happy and fortunate to organize several cups and competitions for the members of the FFS community. You’ve experienced a wide variety of competitions ranging from the Champions League and Europa League to the Euros and from the The Leagues  to the ICC and the TWS.  However our biggest regret has always been that we haven’t been able to include a large enough portion of the community. Each competition we’ve been pained when we’ve had to turn down members of the FFS community because there were only so many spots. So this time around we’re glad to announce a competition that will involve a far greater number of community members – up to 737 people in fact – that mirrors our favorite Domestic Tournament in England. Ladies and Gentlemen, we’re proud to announce the Inaugural Edition of the FFS UEFA FA Cup (or FFS UE-FA Cup as Isacki likes to call it)! Continue reading