First article on Aston Villa

Review of last season’s formation and Villa’s FPL prospects…

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Key Contributors H2H League

Key Contributors League


Now, I have not posted in a while. This could be because I predicted N’Zogbia to be a decent FPL shout this season, or it could be because I seem to have been snatched by totalFPL (by ‘snatched’ I mean I spend time on there spouting nonsensical gibberish). Anyway, I thought it might be nice to let everybody know how the ‘key contributors’ are getting on in the H2H league. A link to the league can be seen here:

This post is even more confusing given that we aren’t quite at the end of a Gameweek. Indeed, I will look at the current scores for the GW and then go through the league table as it stands.

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Aston Villa FPL prospects update

So, seeing as I was the first to write an article (about a month ago) about team prospects I thought I’d better update readers on the current situation at Villa.

I’m pretty happy with the predicted team/one I’d like to see in my previous article, but we now have a slightly clearer situation than a month ago.

The only thing we know for certain is that we will play four at the back: Lowton’s ‘slight ankle injury’ as described by Mat Kendrick from the Birmingham Mail should not rule him out for the opener at West Ham; and this therefore gives a high chance of the back four from the image below being played. Warnock and Hutton are sure to leave, and as we know, Cuellar is at Sunderland and Collins has gone to Upton Park.

There is still lots of debate about how we will play further up the pitch. In pre-season, we have played two up front, with a narrow diamond in midfield. Defenders have come short to gain possession from the keeper, and two midfielders have come deep to receive the ball (El Ahmadi + one of Bannan/Delph). This gives a dilemma, then, about who will partner Bent up front.

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So, here I am, writing an article about myself as I am (by definition) a ‘key contributor’. Whilst this stinks of self-importance, I’d genuinely feel better about writing this if I wrote it in a self-deprecating manner. So here I go:

I am 24, and studying Economics at university. I have no underscore in my Council username. I have been using FPL for seven years, and never been outside of the top 75k (ended with 2011 points in the 10/11 season, some say I did this on purpose), with three top 10k finishes. However, I am best described as an English penalty taker; aka a bottler (or Great British – I take pleasure from blaming the Welsh, Scots and Northern Irish for our QF defeat to South Korea). I am also the pacifist Joey Barton; I can give advice, but rarely take my own.

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Aston Villa and their fantasy prospects

With Martin O’Neill at the helm from 2006 to 2010, it was a certainty that during this period Villa were amongst those clubs that would require FPL investment. Whilst as a Villa fan the lack of rotation was often a moment of frustration, the familiar starting XI which included 6 goal Martin Laursen at centre back brought 71 goals in the 07/08 season – six more than 2nd placed Chelsea.

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