Europa league Group A matchday 1 review

At last the elite leagues started and what a cracking start it have been. Some of the heavyweights had an easy first round while some others slumped to shocking defeats in both the leagues.. Now lets look back in to who came on top and who flopped in Group A of the Europa league.

FORTUNA DUSSELDORF (66 points) defeated REAL MADRID (44 points)

A big home win for Fortuna over one of the group favorite Real Madrid tells us the fact that every match is gonna spring some surprise later on in the coming weeks. Fortuna was fortunate to have Baines, Mata, Walcott and Bale who gave him a total of 47 points. While his captain RVP and fellow striker Podolski disappointed him with blanks this game week, the above said points coupled with 4 home points were already enough for Fortuna to grab a victory over Real Madrid.

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Europa League Preview- Group F

13 hours to go for the start of game week 24 and the start of the elite champions league and europa league matches… While all the managers are intensely preparing for their matches we look in to the group previews once again.. this time we stir our limelight towards Group F where all the 4 managers are eager to get towards the next stage.

US PESCARA(managed by goonerdhanesh), LIMERICK FC(managed by Captain Shirokov), FC NORDSJAELLAND(managed by Abhishek) and FULHAM(managed by Back to Back Ballacks) are the qualified managers who are gonna fight fiercely in the coming weeks.

US Pescara had a dream start in FFS UEFA Serie A league in season 1 and was in contention for UCL berth till the final stages, but eventually slipped down to 5th place and qualified automatically for the UEL. However things are a bit atrocious at the moment  for the club from the start of second season as Pescara has lost all 4 games and is sure to be battling hard in the relegation zone in the coming weeks.

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Europa League Group G Preview

With just over 24 hours to go for the big Europa league matches to kick-start, we look back once again to our Group previews.. this time shifting our focus on Group G.

The clubs which qualified to this group are

Celtic(managed by Count of Monte Hristo)

VFB Stuttgart(managed by Brian)

AS Nancy Lorraine(managed by Coldplay)   and

FC Metalist Kharkiv(managed by TM245)

Celtic managed to get the same points as Benefica (33 points) in RoE season 1 but was edged out from CL due to the inferior goal difference.. Although he will be disappointed not to get a place in the UCL league, i can assure Celtic that UEL league is not too far behind.

VFB Stuttgart managed to grab a decent 7th spot in the tightly contested Bundesliga season 1 with 32 points and surely is one of the opponent that the other 3 clubs should look into.

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Europa League Group A Preview

Its time once again where we bring you another review of Europa league qualified teams and this time we are looking in to the teams who are drawn in Group A of the Europa league. While the big boys are all getting ready for their CL matches in game week 24, i can see nothing short of same or even bigger preparations going on in the Europa League dugouts of each of the 48 teams qualified.

Group A teams who qualified are



SAMPDORIA(Megatron X) and


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SERIE A Hall of Fame Awards Game week 12

Salma Hayek Overnight Award (for the best match day score)

  • Bologna (managed by Frazek) – 65 points
  • Siena (managed by Running Riot) – 62 points
  • Fiorentina (managed by RoyscallerAnne) – 61 points

Patrice Suarez award (for lowest match day score)

  • Catania (managed byDjerbil) – 29 points
  • Internazionale (managed by Isacki) – 31 points
  • Napoli (managed by Daniel) – 32 points

Bonus Maestro award (for highest bonus points during the gameweek)

  • Bologna (managed by Frazek) – 8 bonus points
  • AS Roma (managed by Udit) – 6 bonus points
  • Fiorentina (managed by RoyscallerAnne) – 6 bonus points
  • Sampdoria (managed by Megatron X) – 6 bonus points

Dalglish Differential (Worst Matchday team selection- most points on bench)

  • Atalanta (managed by MJ6987) – 28 points
  • Cheivo Verona (managed by Reina Man) – 22 points
  • Parma (managed by Little Wizard 123) – 21 points
  • Catania (managed byDjerbil) – 21 points

Garry Carrag Mole Award(for most negative points during the week)

  • Napoli (managed by Daniel) – 10 points
  • Internazionale (managed by Isacki) – 7 points
  • Genoa (managed by Ex) – 7 points
  • AC Milan (managed by Milanista) – 7 points
  • Cagliari (managed by Grounderz) – 7 points