FFS Cricket World Cup 2015 – Pilot

Modern day cricket is more than just a gentleman’s game.

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ICC Awards Nominations (Voting Closed)

Good morning cricketers,

As we’re fast approaching the end of the tournament, it brings us to the nominations for the ICC awards. Each team has been nominated in 2 awards and it is now up to the cricketing community to decide the winners.

Voting ends on May 17th, 2359 HRS. The winners will be awarded at the end of the tournament, along with a few surprise award additions.

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ICC Matchday 3 Preview – Group A

The more hotly contested of the groups, Group A still has everything to play for with all 4 teams, mathematically at least, still able to qualify, though for one team there doesn’t appear to be much hope.

Australia (2nd) v Spur Lanka (4th)

For Berbilly’s Aussies it’s really quite simple, win. Should they do that then they will be hoping that England fail to beat New Zealand. This is because, should England win then Australia’s inferior NRD (Net Runs Difference) would see them eliminated unless there was a 45 run swing in Australia’s favour, which given England will have won, seems unlikely. 2nd place looks like the best the Aussies can hope for

For Spur Lanka there’s nothing but pride on the line. Although they still have a mathematical chance to qualify, defeats to both England and New Zealand mean that even if they win it would require a massive 197 run swing to see them through

England (3rd) v New Zealand (1st)

Barring an unexpected win for Spur Lanka, nothing but a win will do for England. Even that may not be enough. Having lost to Australia England need to win or hope that Australia can’t beat Spur Lanka by enough runs to generate a 45 run swing against them.

New Zealand are all but there. Avoid defeat and they win the group. A loss would require a 96 run swing against them, this of course is not totally beyond the realms of possibility if they lose AND Australia win then New Zealand will hope that the damage is limited.

New Zealand Squad announced for Australia Clash

The rampant Black Caps chalked up their second victory following big wins v Pakistan and last weeks ICC opener v Spur Lanka.

It set up this weeks Southern Hemisphere derby match as the winner will guarantee progression in the knock out stages of the ICC.  This weeks Haka will certainly get the blood pumping as the NZ squad looks to beat the didgeridoo loving skippies!

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Breaking News – Australia’s TW Injured

The mood in the Australia camp this morning was grim as they learned that their player coach TW has picked up an injury during the warm-up before their opening match against England. The opening bowler reportedly pulled his hamstring on a warm-up delivery, so will be unable to feature in today’s match. As a result, Back to Back Ballacks will have to deputise in his absense. Below are some of the statements he made before the media.


“It’s really a shame as I was looking forward to participating in the opening game. I hope I haven’t let the team down.”

“I know that Back to Back Ballacks will do a great job for us today.”

“This injury is all on me. I didn’t maintain my fitness while I was away in Uruguay and as a result I’ve pulled my hamstring.”

“I hope that I’ll be able to rest and recover and be ready for the big derby game next weekend.”

Team Pakistan Preview by Shipstontrev

After a gallant performance in the warm-up game against New Zealand, Team Pakistan is fit and raring to go as the match against the Women’s Institute, sorry West Indies begins tomorrow.

The team is captained by 4vets, whose dedication to the cause is so great that he is out for a curry tonight. Hopefully the food will agree with him, as nobody wants their insides to turn into the Rawalpindi Express! Vice captain Hunter S Thompson is on his usual late season run of good form and is hotly tipped to do well this week.

The next four players in the batting order are all taking their Wildcards for the team, so FC Barcelona, regular FFS posters Crouch Potato and 1966 was a good year and the star of a recent Scoutcast Gigging Order.

This being a DGW, teams with 6 DGWers or more should do well, so Emperikal, Ajay-KL, Adnan (Boom Boom) and Sarnab should all have a chance of a good score, as should the Coach and Wicketkeeper Shipstontrev. So beware Doosra And The Differentials, Team Pakistan is coming to get you!!