League Rules

Each season is scheduled for half of the year – Season 1 will span gw 1-19 and Season 2 will begin season 20 and conclude during gw 38.

At the conclusion of a season 1, the bottom 3 teams from each league will be relegated and replaced by new managers (chosen by a similar selection process to the one used at the start of the leagues- details to be announced later by the council). All other managers will maintain their teams for the second season.

Champions League and Europa League selection for the 2013 season will be determined by standings at the end of the first season of the leagues. In the group stages, the CL officially takes 32 teams but the Europa officially takes 48 teams. We maintain the same here. Therefore, qualification for CL and Europa will work as follows:

1) CL: Top 4 teams in each league  – 6×4+A(Set of 8 teams)

2) Europa: Next 5 teams in each league – 5×6+B(Set of 18 teams)

A and B are a set of teams chosen by the council.

*Past winners – ENR(UCL) + Duffman(Europa) if they have not qualified automatically for the competition they won last season will be  guaranteed selection as one of the teams. The rest of A and B can be new members, league members, special contributors, scout-team members or even UEFA council members but they only have 26 seats to fight for.


All ties in the leagues will be decided by points difference which will be displayed in the league tables.

Matchday Rules:

All leagues host the traditional 1v1 format. Point scoring is based on the official Fantasy Premier League Game.

Any points hits taken are deducted from your score

There are no restrictions on playing your wildcard

Each gameweek, teams will be awarded 3 points for a victory, 1 point for a draw, and 0 points for a loss.

Fixtures will try to mimic the actual fixtures of each league, though this may not always be the case. Please check the fixtures tab under your league for the official fixtures list. If you feel there is a mistake or error in the fixtures, please contact Pratik or another council member.

***** The UEFA Council reserves the right to modify rules as per it’s convenience etc*****


8 thoughts on “League Rules

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