Brace yourselves – Summer is coming!

When you’re playing for your country, it’s more than just a game of football.

What’s a summer without fantasy football?

Alright geezers.

Over the past year or so, we’ve organized a range of tourneys. Some of the recent ones have brought out the “team” element to the fore – ICC Tournament, Transfer Window Simulation and Beach Soccer World Cup.

Upon popular demand, we are delighted to announce that there will be another team event over the summer. No points for guessing the theme of the tourney. We’ll be celebrating the spirit of the world’s biggest footballing event. It’s a team event alright, with yet another twist. Like none organized before.

So hang in there geezers and keep ’em peeled. Meanwhile, good luck to everyone in the final gameweek of the FPL season.

PS – For those new to the team tourneys, check out some of the past team events in the links below:

Beach Soccer World Cup 2014

Transfer Window Simulation



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