Doubles National Tournament

***NOTE: If you make your team prior to the GW29 deadline, you will be limited to “ONLY FREE TRANSFER(s)” between GW29 and GW30. You also MUST NOT save a FT in GW30, as this will give you an unfair advantage. Any team that does not comply with these 2 rules will be disqualified. ***

Hey everyone!

Greeting from the UEFA Council and Lateriser our co-organizer. As some of you already know, we are looking to start a classic league with a doubles national/world cup theme. So what you need to do is find yourself a partner from your country and team up with them. If you can’t find someone from the same country, just team up with someone else. No problem! Once you do that, set up a NEW fpl team under another email ID. Note – Only one team per two managers! Also it’s better to make a team after gw29 (not now), as you will then have unlimited transfers for the initial week. Though creating a team now, does give you the advantage of a marginally better team value.

When setting up a new team, please follow these simple instructions.

1) Manager Name

This should have the FFS names of the two managers teaming up. Since Berbilly is teaming up with Zep, the Manager’s name (on your FPL page while registration) would read ‘Berbilly + Zep’ so that its easy for everyone to follow who they are competing against on the league page.

2) Team Name

Your team name should be something related to your country since we are sticking to a world cup theme. Please come up with something better than Team India or Team England, etc. If there are people teaming up from different countries, come up with team names like the United Nations of India and England or even something more fun like English Chutney.

This is a classic league format and the competition will begin GW30. You can register your team anytime between now and the gw 30 deadline. There is obviously a trade off of risk or reward as to when you create your new team. You can either;

a) Create your team now. This will allow you to take advantage of any price rises between now and when the competition commences in GW30. The tradeoff is that in the final gameweek before the competition commences you will be restricted to only free transfers, no hits allowed. Any injuries, suspensions or any extra changes you would like to make, will not be allowed. You MUST also use all of your FTs prior to the competition starting.

b) Create your team after GW29. While you will miss out on any price rises before that game week, the ability for you to have unlimited free transfers prior to the competition commencing, allowing you to shape your team exactly how you want to.

So it’s a choice between a little extra cash, or a greater freedom and flexibility at the start of the competition. Which will it be? Well, that’s for you to decide.

The league has 9 gameweeks (GW30 – GW38) and you are allowed to use your wildcard anywhere within this period. Think of this competition as a sprint or a drag race with one nitro boost available (your wildcard). With only 9 gameweeks in play, the timing of your wildcard will be crucial.

So start finding your partners and please fill out this form so that we can begin the registration process. The League code will be emailed to you later on at the email(s) you indicate on the form.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the comments section below. Click here for the list of registered pairs.


***PLEASE NOTE: Please try to reduce the amount of posting of the competition on FFS, please revert to the comments section below***

111 thoughts on “Doubles National Tournament

  1. Messimerized
    Sounds good bud hit me up on email above

  2. Rossamous- Tony cascarino irish roots
    Doubles team for USA

  3. Anyone from Pakistan? Or anyone really. Would be great.

  4. Anyone still looking for a partner for the double tournament?

    for your information – I am Polish,living in Ireland and 315 overall.If someone is intersted just send me an email on Thanks

  5. Why do I always end up with Sporting?

  6. Are there any regular posters from Germany or who live/have lived in Germany that fancy teaming up?

    jayhovasim at hotmail dot com!


    The Tinkerman

  7. Ok I’ve registered me and messimerized as a pair. Let me know if I’ve done it correctly please

  8. So when does the email get sent?

  9. I just received this email;

    “Dear Doosra and Ginkapo
    Please note the rule change on the post on our website. It has come to our attention that the fpl website does not take points hits into account when a league starts in that week. For this reason, if you decide to create your team prior to the GW29 deadline you will be restricted to making only a single transfer after GW29, taking effect in GW30. If these rules are not complied with, your team will be disqualified.

    Now as far as I was aware we are allowed to use 2 transfers this week as we have 2ft’s available. In actual fact, I thought it was a rule that we HAD to do 2 transfers this week such that we only have 1ft when the competition starts. Can we have some clarification please.

  10. Can I re-enter with a different email address? Think i used the wrong one, not sure.

  11. Still looking for a partner over here! From Canada but will accept anyone really if there isn’t too many other Canucks around.

    Let me know!

  12. Hi guys
    has the league code been released yet as not had an email

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  14. Does capital letters in team name matter?

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