Winter Wildcard Discussion

As per Lateriser’s request, we are going to open this post to give everyone a place to discuss strategies for when to best use the wildcard and which players to target/consider. We’re hoping there will be discussion that is helpful to all and this format will allow others to catch up on the discussion without having to search through pages and pages of other discussion on ffs.

To start it off:  Lateriser’s plans

My proposed Wildcard/DGW Strategy.

I gave myself half an hour of thinking and came up with a wildcard draft that makes a little sense to me. A decent amount of thinking has gone into this. I will take you through this once you have a look at the team. What I have done is with this strategy one can have a full quota of DGW players for both the DGW’s without compromising too much on the long term structure of the team.

The current structure for most of us at the moment is similar to something like this.

xx xx xx xx xx
Bale Mata Walcott Michu xx
RVP Suarez xx

These players, at least in my current team are my core and are untouchable. So then, I look to fill in the blanks.

Begovic Turnbull
Mertsacker Obrien A.Cole Clyne Demel
Michu Bale Mata Walcott Ramirez/Puncheon
RVP Suarez Lambert

0.8/1.5 in the bank depending on Ramirez/Puncheon

I go in with 3 Chelsea and 3 Southampton players. Chelsea play Stoke and Southampton and you could rely on Chelsea keeping 1 cleansheet at least. The only other player I would consider is Hazard and he would come in only for Walcott and I would do the Walcott -> Hazard transfer for the next week, but I have Walcott since about 12 weeks now and would lose value, hence the double up on the Chelsea defence. The 3 SOT players pick themselves for me and are potentially the most dangerous players. The decision between Puncheon and Ramirez might be based on money as I want to be bring in Giroud and maybe a Wham midfielder for the DGW or something of that sort.


Lambert + Ramirez -> Ars/Wham players of choice (Currently looking at Noble + Giroud) for a -4. The Giroud thing is a personal call, as you all know, i really fancy him.

With this I get a complete quote of 3 Wham + 3 Arsenal here as well.

Post DGW – No need for wildcard

As long as the structure of
Mata Bale Michu Walcott
RVP Suarez

is maintained, the remaining players can slowly be filtered according to how you want your team to take structure. That is why I am thinking Puncheon over Ramirez as it offers more flexibility in terms of the third striker I could want. Mertesacker and A.Cole staying there for some time is not an issue really because both are decent defences.

You could make a case for Azpilicueta but I am really trying to go for players that are as nailed on as can be and if Terry is coming back anytime soon, i’d be worried about owning Azpilicueta/Ivanovic.

Please keep discussion here solely about the wild card (and the double gameweeks).

Happy Wildcarding!


45 thoughts on “Winter Wildcard Discussion

  1. I’d like to know who LR is going to bench in his midfield this week. Michu?

    • Michu / Walcott i am thinking
      They or Mata were going to be benched either way. Also this is more of a proposal rather than a definite strategy. I am looking for improvement suggestions. Haven’t looked into the future fixtures and hence might cut down on a Wham player or something of that sort.

  2. My team:

    Begovic – Vorm
    Rafael – Cuellar – Demel – Sagna – Cameron
    Michu – Walcott – Fellaini – Silva – Taarabt
    Ba – RVP – Benteke

    0 FT

    Should i use WC or just 4 hit Silva–> Mata ??

    I know WC now is not a bad idea However I’m scared with The some change performance and new players coming and changing of price.

    Need help.

  3. I have two plans in mind:

    1) I can go 3-4-3 as I’ve been doing all year with a team like this.

    DDG/ Bunn
    Nastasic/ Wisdom (can upgrade to a 5.0 def)/ Davies/ Wilson/ Demel
    Michu/ Mata/ Walcott/ Fellaini/ Sterling (can downgrade to 4.3 mid)
    Aguero/ RVP/ Suarez


    2) I can switch to a 3-5-2 which is becoming popular with something like this. It means a really shit defence though, but lets face it there hasnt been as many CS this year as last.And obviously I would bench whoever had the toughest fixture of the front 8 which would involve risk of benched points.

    DDG/ Bunn
    Perch (or Wiliamson)/ Wisdom/ Davies/ Wilson/ Demel
    Michu/ Mata/ Fellaini/ Walcott/ Bale
    Dzeko/ RVP/ Suarez

    Starting to like the look of 2) if Dzeko is nailed on.

  4. anyone else gunna take a hit or two for the chelsea dgw and save the wc til gw 24?

  5. Oioi. Been meaning to check this out but always forget! Looks good lads keep it up I’ll pop in more often 🙂

  6. I’m saving my WC till after the DGW’s so that they don’t confuse me when I seek to create a team that is set for the long term. I know its possible to do this gradually by selling DGW players but it is so much easier doing it all at once.

    I have been preparing for the Arsenal/West Ham DGW for a while now and inadvertently I already have Ba and Puncheon for DGW1. So far I have Gibbs, Walcott, O’Brian, Ba and Puncheon so I’m reasonably well set. The injury to Aguero also means I no longer need to sell Tevez so along with Fellaini and Bale I can keep the core players in my team that I would otherwise have to lose if I were to WC now.

    So far my only plan is to sell Enrique for Azp for a hit. It appears Terry is some way away from a return and he may only end up replacing Cahill anyway. I think its worth the risk. Ultimately I’m excited about the prospect of being able to select a WC team in GW24 without DGW’s clouding my judgement. Hopefully by doing so I will be in a better position long term.

    • I think those are good plans and sound logic. though i might try to get mata in if it’s not too hard

      • Honestly wouldn’t know who to sell. I want to keep Bale, Fellaini & Michu along with the DGWers Walcott and Puncheon. At the end of the day Mata may even be benched for a game you never know. I think its worth the risk to go without and have a WC up my sleeve as well as keeping the midfielders I mentioned above.

  7. i am saving my WC untill last possible moment cause i want make team for longer run and i think cashing dgw pts could be mistake

    anyways… just like ryan i already prepared myself for arsenal/Wha dgw so i already have Cazorla,Walcott,O’Brien and Demel

    for Chelsa dgw i only have Mata and Poucheon but i will do Silva – Hazard as part of my FT this gw

    that gives me 7 dgw players ( 8 actually when i get rid of Hazard and get Nolan for gw23)

    this could be key moment of season and so far i learned that patience is key moment so i’ll simply forget the likes of luiz,ba…. and see how it goes

    hopefully my WCing in last gw will pay off at longer run

    btw-my team is


    O’Brien , Nelsen , Demel

    Mata (C) , Hazard , Pouncheon , Walcott

    RVP , Jelavic , Suarez

    subs in order : Cazorla , Cameron , Davies


    • makes sense. looks good.

      i’d rather have ba than hazard. also you’re going without bale vs qpr this week? what about silva and jelly to bale and ba/lambert?

      chelsea defense also looks good but i guess you could ignore it too.

  8. Courtesy of JT and Jafooli.

    Winter WC plan for those with only 1WC left (and planning to WC now to maximize on the doubleDGW’s BUT also want it to work long term:

    Chelsea x 3 with Mata (c) ,
    Southampton x 1 or 2 (bench fodder for the rest of the season 5th def & 5th mid)
    Arsenal x 2 or 3 (with Walcott)
    West ham x 1 or 2 (bench fodder 4th Def or Jussi GK)

    Build that around the likes of Postman Persie, Suarez, Berba ,Bale, Michu, Fellaini,Begovic, etc.. and you have a nice balance to maximize the handy gift of a doubleDGW while maintaining the core of the “essentials”…

    Also note that this allows you to catch the price rises of the inevitable ARS & Wham acquisitions who will be brought in for the later DGW.

    Good luck and enjoy!

    • This seems like a sound strategy and if i do WC its the road i’ll be going down. The only worry for me about WCing now is that i’ll have issues with my team in a few weeks time and need to take hits, but if you keep a good core to the team it should be fine.

    • I would avoid getting a Saints defender as a Wildcard should provide you with optimum rotation options in defense. Saints aren’t renown for their defensive prowess. Doubling up on West Ham defense also limits your options when selecting the right group of defenders each week. You’ll find yourself having to gradually transfer them out for others. Even having 3 Chelsea players is a tad risky due to rafatation. Such a plan means you are forced to make very particular transfers for the next month. If things happen that don’t go according to plan, you will be caught out. Be prepared to take a few hits to sort your team out later or be a little more long term and select players you ‘really’ want beyond the DDGW’s and beyond january/february.

  9. All i need is votes. And maybe some reasoning.
    Which one do you prefer.

    Team A
    Begovic Turnbull*
    Gibbs* Luiz* Shaw Demel Davies
    Mata Walcott Michu Bale Ramirez*
    RVP Suarez Lambert*

    Team B
    Begovic 3.9M
    Mertsacker* Cahill* Shaw Demel Davies
    Mata Walcott Michu Bale Puncheon*
    RVP Suarez Ba*

    Get voting.

  10. is foster to turnbull worth hit if i’m already doing an 8pter to get mata and ba?

  11. Almost set on this until i get another idea.

    Begovic Turnbull
    Azpi Gibbs Shaw Demel Wilson
    Mata Walcott Bale Michu Puncheon
    RVP Berbatov Lambert

    Enough in the bank to do Lambert -> Podolski > 9M striker.
    No hits.

  12. Here’s the minutes played by the key players of Chelsea since the start of December.



    From that it looks like Luiz is due a rest, although with no other DM that may not be possible, although we could see Lampard & Ramires against Soton.

    Cahill and Azpi have also played a lot of minutes lately so if Terry is back there could be some rotation here. Ivanovic has started every match so could also be in for a rest at some stage. Cole looks safest here.

    Hazard looks likely to start both having been rested twice recently. Mata, however, has only had 1 rest in their last 12 matches so could potentially be rested. Oscar could be in for some gametime here as he is one of the most rested Chelsea players.

    Torres will almost certainly be rotated with Ba there now.

  13. Hey guys off to my brother’s wedding til Sunday,so here’s the team – hoping for a nice return from my Lukaku, Ox and Sagna differentials. Here’s hoping! And an epic battle between myself and Isacki in Serie A – thought he had me but noticed his -4 hit. I was very lucky indeed 🙂

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